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Sergio Zaccaria Scalinci

Assistant professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/30 Ophthalmology


Scalinci S.Z.; Valsecchi N.; Pacella E.; Trovato Battagliola E.;, Effects of Photo-Biomodulation in Stargardt Disease, «CLINICAL OPHTHALMOLOGY», 2022, 16, pp. 85 - 91 [Scientific article]Open Access

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S. Z. Scalinci; L. Scorolli; A. Meduri; P.L. Grenga; G. Corradetti; C. Metrangolo., Effect of basic fibroblast growth factor and cytochrome c peroxidase combination in transgenic mice corneal epithelial healing process after excimer laser photoablation, «CLINICAL OPHTHALMOLOGY», 2011, 5, pp. 215 - 221 [Scientific article]

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