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Serena Morigi

Full Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/08 Numerical Analysis


G. Casciola;L.B. Montefusco;S. Morigi, The regularizing properties of anisotropic Radial Basis Functions, «APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION», 2007, 190, pp. 1050 - 1062 [Scientific article]

S. MORIGI; L. REICHEL; F.SGALLARI, A truncated projected SVD method for linear discrete ill-posed problems, «NUMERICAL ALGORITHMS», 2006, 43, pp. 197 - 213 [Scientific article]

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S. Morigi; F. Sgallari; V. Simoncini, Numerical Analysis Day on Innovative Numerical Methods in Engineering Applications, 2006. [Exhibition]

S.Morigi; D.Martinez, Redistribution of Meshes’ Nodes Using Moving Surfaces, in: Proceeding of COMSOL Multiphysics User Conference, s.l, COMSOL AB, 2006(atti di: COMSOL Conefrence 2006, MILANO,ITALY, November 14, 2006) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

G. Casciola; D. Lazzaro; L.Montefusco; S. Morigi, Shape Preserving Surface Reconstruction using Locally Anisotropic RBF Interpolants, «COMPUTERS & MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS», 2006, 51(8), pp. 1185 - 1198 [Scientific article]

S.Morigi;F.Sgallari;F.Zama, Workshop Comsol Multiphysics, 2006. [Exhibition]

G. Casciola; D.Lazzaro; L.Montefusco; S.Morigi, Fast surface reconstruction and hole filling using positive definite radial basis functions, «NUMERICAL ALGORITHMS», 2005, 39, pp. 289 - 305 [Scientific article]

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S. MORIGI; F. SGALLARI, Regularized segmentation based on nonlinear PDE models: some numerical aspects, in: F.T. LUK, Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, and Implementations XV, WA, F.T. LukThe International Society for Optical En, 2005, 5910, pp. 290 - 301 [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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S. MORIGI ; F. SGALLARI, 3D long bones reconstruction based on level sets, «COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL IMAGING AND GRAPHICS», 2004, 24, pp. 377 - 390 [Scientific article]

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