Foto del docente

Sara Panerati

PhD Student

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Teaching tutor

Department of Sociology and Business Law

Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology


Panerati, S., Rubini, M., Giannella, V. A., Menegatti, M., & Moscatelli, S. (2023). A multidimensional implicit approach to gender stereotypes. Frontiers in Psychology, 14. 10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1280207

Greijdanus, H., Panerati, S., Postmes, T., & Spears, R. (2023). From Moderate Action to Radical Protest Intentions: Disentangling Social-Identity-Based Models Predicting Political Violence. Contention, 11(1), 55-88.

Collodi, S., Panerati, S., Imbimbo, E., Stefanelli, F., Duradoni, M., & Guazzini, A. (2018). Personality and Reputation: A Complex Relationship in Virtual Environments. Future Internet, 10(12), 120.

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