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Rossella Trenti

Adjunct professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences


Collaboration with:
Associazione Italiana Tecnici Radiologia Interventistica -AITRI
AITRI is a non-profit professional association devoted to furthering the development and application of interventional procedure, that provides professional support for radiographers, for the Professional, Educational, Research and Workplace interest of its members. It also determines the radiological health care agenda and gives opinion in wide range of professional issues. AITRI is a scientific association founded in 1999 in Milan, Italy to create a network of interventional radiographers, and it is registered as a full member of EFRS since … and in 2014 is a full member in ISRRT. The purpose is promote common guidelines and develop the interventional radiographer through conferences, meeting involving all the professionals of these areas. It’s necessary that radiographers increase their skills in interventional field to become an indispensable reference within the team. Every year since 2001 there it is a interventional radiographer meeting where are discussed the topical issues and are compared the different scenario: cardiological, angiography, and radiological field. The activities of AITRI are geared towards carrying out quality control, Continuous Education (CE), Research, as education in interventional radiology, the advancement of the practice, radiation science and protection. AITRI boasts of having a following of about 5000 radiographers in Italy.

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