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Rosa Smurra

Associate Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: M-STO/01 Medieval History

Short Bio

Rosa Smurra is an Associate Professor of Medieval History, specializing in Comparative History of European Cities. Her publications include Città, cittadini e imposta diretta a Bologna alla fine del Duecento (Clueb, 2007), Iohannes de Pontissara vescovo di Winchester (1282-1304) studente a Bologna (Bononia University Press, 2012), and articles related to political functions of urban spaces, women studies, and digital humanities. Her current project is concerning Medieval Europe history teaching and learning. She is vice-president of the International Commission for the History of Towns (ICHT), which promotes contacts between urban historians and build-up a number of research tools, such as the Historic Towns Atlases. She is a honorary visiting fellow at the Centre for Urban History, School of History, Politics and International Relations (University of Leicester). She currently serves as director of Centro Gina Fasoli per la storia delle città (University of Bologna).


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