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Romana Fato

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/10 Biochemistry

Curriculum vitae

Name: Romana Fato
Date of birth: 15/08/1955
Nationality: Italian

1) Department of Biohemistry “G.Moruzzi”
Via Irnerio 48, 40126 Bologna. Italy
Phone: +39-0512091243

1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree (Chimica e Tecnologie Farmaceutiche) on 28 / 02 /1980, summa cum laude, Faculty of Pharmacy University of Bologna
2. PhD in Cell Biology and Physiology on 12 / 10 / 1988


• 1989-1991 contract researcher: Consorzio Italiano Tecnologie Farmaci Invecchiamento (CITFI)
• 1 / 04 / 1991 - 30 / 10 / 2000 Technician position in the Department of Biochemistry “G.Moruzzi” University of Bologna
• Since 1 / 11 / 2000 Associated Professor, Faculty of Medicine University of Bologna


Mitochondrial respiratory chain activity and oxidative stress :
The research work mainly concerns the structural and functional organization of the respiratory chain, in particular the role of the coenzyme Q pool and its membrane diffusion in electron transfer, the steady-state kinetics of complex I with emphasis on the specificity of the quinone acceptors. Recently it was also investigated the redox state of mitochondrial Complex I redox centers to characterize the production of oxygen radicals by the respiratory chain and their role in pathological alterations.