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Roberto Scazzieri


Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics


Economic Analysis 2018-2019- Student presentations schedule

Laboratory of Economic Analysis – a.y. 2018/19

Student Presentations Schedule


May 14th

Lorenzo Giacomelli

Alessandro Tabacchi

"Rationality and Maximization"


Oliviero Chiaramonti

Lorenzo Mezzini

"Maximizing Choices and Satisficing Choices: B. de Finetti, H. Simon, and the role of context"


May 20th

Eleonora Dozzi

Giovanni Fornaciari

Camilla Sestito

“Rationality, features of judgement and context in de Finetti”


Christian Gaggiotti

Alessandro Molinari

Tommaso Torriani

“Pure production model and the labour theory of value”


May 28th

Adhithya Balasubramanian

Sarath Chandra Mudigonda

“Economic Theory and Policy: Conceptual Frameworks and strategies in the Indian Experience”


Tamara Ritter

Giulia Tamagnone

“Sub-national inter-dependencies in the Eurozone”

Published on: May 06 2019