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Renato Vignati

Adjunct professor

Department of the Arts

Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies

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Psychotherapist Psychologist, expert in Person-Centered Approach by Carl Rogers (1986), in Client-centered Counseling and Psychotherapy (Univ. S. Cruz, California), and in Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy (1993). Since 1981 he has carried out clinical and research activities, providing training for education, school and health personnel. As a researcher, he collaborated in the test for the SESAMO_Win sexual assessment (Giunti, OS, 2002); moreover, he participated in the investigations in the sexology of Luigi De Marchi (1983-84) and in the research on learning processes, cognitive and emotional, of prof. Klement Poláček (Un.Salesiana, Rome). Since 2010 he has held teaching positions as a lecturer in psychological disciplines in various universities, also taking care of study seminars and research activities. Author of publications, let's focus on the principles of Existential Humanistic Psychology and Psychoterapy. The most recent text The look on the person. Psychology of human relations, Edizioni, Padova, 2019 (third edition), is adopted in various courses and universities. Go to the Curriculum vitae



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