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Pier Luigi Lollini

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/04 Experimental Medicine and Pathophysiology


Keywords: Vaccines Oncology Cancer research Transgenic mice Tumor immunology Mammary carcinoma Lung cancer Musculo-skeletal sarcomas

The research themes shares the goal of preventing or treating cancer in a preclinical setting.

  • Cancer prevention in high-risk individuals. In transgenic mouse models we have shown that it is possible to prevent tumors using vaccines targeting molecules (HER-2 / Erbb2) that are expressed in murine and human tumors. The study is now continuing with a view to transferring it to the clinic (cellular or DNA vaccines, prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines, other molecular targets, other types of cancer, depletion of immune response suppressive populations). 
  • Innovative molecular therapies of musculoskeletal sarcomas. They are mainly based on the interruption of signaling pathways that support the growth of these tumors, and employ specific antibodies, pharmacological inhibitors and antisense constructs. The efficacy of the treatments is evaluated in a transgenic mouse model, obtained by us, and in immunosuppressed mice transplanted with human tumor cells.