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Pier Giorgio Cojutti

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/14 Pharmacology


Conti, Matteo; Giorgi, Beatrice; Barone, Rossella; Gatti, Milo; Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Pea, Federico, A Sensitive Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Measuring Fosfomycin Concentrations in Human Prostatic Tissue, «PHARMACEUTICS», 2024, 10.3390/pharmaceutics16050681, Article number: 681 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]

Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Pai, Manjunath P.; Tonetti, Tommaso; Siniscalchi, Antonio; Viale, Pierluigi; Pea, Federico, Balancing the scales: achieving the optimal beta-lactam to beta-lactamase inhibitor ratio with continuous infusion piperacillin/tazobactam against extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing Enterobacterales, «ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY», 2024, 68, Article number: e01404-23 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]

Gatti, Milo; Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Pea, Federico, Impact of attaining aggressive vs. conservative PK/PD target on the clinical efficacy of beta-lactams for the treatment of Gram-negative infections in the critically ill patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis, «CRITICAL CARE», 2024, 28(1):123, Article number: 123 , pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Pea, Federico, Azacitidine for Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Why One Dose Does Not Fit All, «CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS», 2023, 10.1002/cpt.3154, pp. 1 - 1 [Comment or similar]

Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Giuliano, Simone; Pascale, Renato; Angelini, Jacopo; Tascini, Carlo; Viale, Pierluigi; Pea, Federico, Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Analysis for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Ceftobiprole in the Treatment of Severe Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcal Infections, «MICROORGANISMS», 2023, 10.3390/microorganisms11122964, pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Gatti M.; Virgili G.; Cojutti P.G.; Gaibani P.; Conti M.; Sturiale C.; Pea F.; Viale P., Real-Time Optimization of Pharmacodynamic Target Attainment at Infection Site during Treatment of Post-Neurosurgical Ventriculitis Caused by Carbapenem-Resistant Gram Negatives with Ceftazidime–Avibactam-Based Regimens: A Report of Two Cases, «MICROORGANISMS», 2022, 10, Article number: 154 , pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Rinaldi, Matteo; Zamparini, Eleonora; Rossi, Nicolò; Tedeschi, Sara; Conti, Matteo; Pea, Federico; Viale, Pierluigi, Reply to Baklouti et al., "Why Is It Desirable To Do the External Evaluation of a Population Pharmacokinetic Model?", «ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY», 2022, 66, Article number: e01908-21 , pp. 1 - 1 [Scientific article]

Cojutti P.G.; Fornaro G.; Gatti M.; Rinaldi M.; Gaibani P.; Giannella M.; Pea F.; Viale P., Successful Treatment of Bacteremia and Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Caused by KPC/OXA-48-like Klebsiella pneumoniae Co-Producer with a Continuous Infusion of High-Dose Meropenem Plus Fosfomycin Guided by Real-Time Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, «INFECTIOUS DISEASE REPORTS», 2022, 14, pp. 88 - 92 [Scientific article]Open Access

Gatti, Milo; Bartoletti, Michele; Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Gaibani, Paolo; Conti, Matteo; Giannella, Maddalena; Viale, Pierluigi; Pea, Federico, A descriptive case series of PK/PD target attainment and microbiological outcome in critically ill patients with documented severe XDR Acinetobacter baumannii BSI and/or VAP treated with cefiderocol, «JOURNAL OF GLOBAL ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE», 2021, 27, pp. 294 - 298 [Scientific article]Open Access

Gatti M.; Cojutti P.G.; Campoli C.; Caramelli F.; Corvaglia L.T.; Lanari M.; Pession A.; Ramirez S.; Viale P.; Pea F., A Proof of Concept of the Role of TDM-Based Clinical Pharmacological Advices in Optimizing Antimicrobial Therapy on Real-Time in Different Paediatric Settings, «FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY», 2021, 12, Article number: 755075 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Gatti M.; Cojutti P.G.; Pascale R.; Tonetti T.; Laici C.; Dell'olio A.; Siniscalchi A.; Giannella M.; Viale P.; Pea F., Assessment of a pk/pd target of continuous infusion beta-lactams useful for preventing microbiological failure and/or resistance development in critically ill patients affected by documented gram-negative infections, «ANTIBIOTICS», 2021, 10, Article number: 1311 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cojutti P.G.; Londero A.; Della Siega P.; Givone F.; Fabris M.; Biasizzo J.; Tascini C.; Pea F., Authors’ Reply to Cattaneo et al.: “Comment on: Comparative Population Pharmacokinetics of Darunavir in SARS-CoV-2 Patients vs. HIV Patients: The Role of Interleukin6”, «CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS», 2021, 60, pp. 833 - 834 [Scientific article]

Cojutti P.G.; Gatti M.; Rinaldi M.; Tonetti T.; Laici C.; Mega C.; Siniscalchi A.; Giannella M.; Viale P.; Pea F., Impact of Maximizing Css/MIC Ratio on Efficacy of Continuous Infusion Meropenem Against Documented Gram-Negative Infections in Critically Ill Patients and Population Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Analysis to Support Treatment Optimization, «FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY», 2021, 12, Article number: 781892 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]Open Access

Rinaldi, Matteo; Cojutti, Pier Giorgio; Zamparini, Eleonora; Tedeschi, Sara; Rossi, Nicolò; Conti, Matteo; Giannella, Maddalena; Pea, Federico; Viale, Pierluigi, Population pharmacokinetics and Monte Carlo simulation for dosage optimization of fosfomycin in the treatment of osteoarticular infections in patients without renal dysfunction, «ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY», 2021, 65, Article number: 02038-20 , pp. 1 - 33 [Scientific article]

Cojutti P.G.; Carnelutti A.; Lazzarotto D.; Sozio E.; Candoni A.; Fanin R.; Tascini C.; Pea F., Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic target attainment of isavuconazole against aspergillus fumigatus and aspergillus flavus in adult patients with invasive fungal diseases: Should therapeutic drug monitoring for isavuconazole be considered as mandatory as for the other mold-active azoles?, «PHARMACEUTICS», 2021, 13, Article number: 2099 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

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