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Pia Campeggiani

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy

Academic discipline: M-FIL/03 Moral Philosophy


Bittersweet Talk Series


                                                    Bittersweet, Ancient and Modern

                            Mixed Affect in Emotional Experience from Plato to Brain Imaging

Ambivalent emotions, conflicting passions, bittersweet feelings: such experiences are commonplace, but more complex than suggested by ordinary language usage and currently available scientific models. Bittersweet, Ancient and Modern (BAM) is a multidisciplinary hub that brings together philosophers, psychologists, and cognitive scientists to work on mixed affect.


Bittersweet Talk Series (Click here for the poster!)


                                                                                                                                          Sala Rossa
                                                                                                                Via Azzo Gardino 23, Bologna

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20 March 2024, 11-13

Eric CULLHED (Uppsala)

Crying in the sunshine


25 March 2024, 11-13


When the fog lifts. Lack of emotional awareness and anhedonia


26 March 2024, 11-13

Federica GREGORATTO (Berlin)

Affective injustice, transformative fury and the desire for recognition


27 March 2024, 11-13

Ditte MUNCH-JURISIC (Copenhagen)

Uncertainty in emotion perception


9 April 2024, 11-13

Curie VIRÁG (Warwick)

Pleasure, suffering and virtuous agency in 11th century China


10 April 2024, 11-13

Ursula HESS (Berlin)

Do we trust and like people who show mixed emotion expressions?


15 April 2024, 11-13

Anna MARMODORO (Durham)

Mereological causation: ancient causal models for power mixtures


16 April 2024, 11-13

Donncha O’ROURKE (Edinburgh)

The Epicureans and psychic conflict


17 April 2024, 11-13 – online

Carola BARBERO (Torino)

Who’s afraid of fictional characters?


22 April 2024, 11-13

Marco VIOLA (Roma Tre)

On valence



Published on: November 16 2023