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Peyman Arjomandi Akram

PhD Student

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering


Keywords: Water Governance, Pro-environmental Behavior, Climate Change Adaptation

I am performing a multidisciplinary research on water management and governance. To analyze the water governance issues in a given region (case study), I designed a device for detecting the problems of fit between the Hydrological (natural) and Institutional (human-made) systems through the incorporation of mathematical and physical concepts. Besides, I’ve conducted a sort of engineering and hydrological assessments to evaluate the effect of various policies on the state of water balance in my case study. Moreover, I am studying the reasons of the insufficiency and inefficiency of the institutional/governmental policies and provisions in conservation of a hydrological system (in the study case) by means of social, economic and psychological theories.

Consequently, estimating the determinant factors of water consumption and saving, I am going to propose the appropriate guidelines for influencing a positive behavioral change and conservation of the natural system.


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