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Peyman Arjomandi Akram

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Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "Augusto Righi"


1) Arjomandi A., P., 2023. Governing the water conservation in the Urmia Lake Basin: addressing macro systems’ fit and micro users’ behavior, [Dissertation thesis], Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, urn:nbn:it:unibo-29340 .

2) Arjomandi A., P.; Yazdanpanah, M.; Shirzad, A.; Komendantova, N.; Kameli, E.; Hosseinzadeh, M.; Razavi, E. Institutional Trust and Cognitive Motivation toward Water Conservation in the Face of an Environmental Disaster. Sustainability 2023, 15, 900.

3) Komendantova, N., Arjomandi A., P., Manasrah, R., Al-Hayek, W., Majed, I., 2023. Developing and implementing environmental management strategies for the Red Sea based on participatory systems analysis, Jordan journal of biological sciences

4) Arjomandi A., P., Seyedi, S., & Komendantova, N. (2022). Water Governing Systems: addressing conflicts between hydrological and institutional scales (No. EGU22-4242). Copernicus Meetings.

5) Arjomandi A., P., Seyedi, S., Nabavi, E., & Alikhani, S. (2022). Exploring Water Governing System Fit Through a Statistical Mechanics Approach. Water Research, 118272.

6) Shirzad, A., Badiei, P., and Arjomandi, P., (2012). Modelling of pollution mixing in water bodies, Proceedings of the 1st Water Flow and Pollution National Conference, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, May 23-24.

7) Shirzad, A., Tabesh, M., and Arjomandi, P. (2011). Investigation on the Influence of Utilizing Average Hydraulic Pressure and Maximum Hydraulic Pressure for Pipe Burst Rate Prediction in Water Distribution Networks. In World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2011: Bearing Knowledge for Sustainability. Palm Springs, California, May 22-26 

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