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Peyman Arjomandi Akram


Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali

Curriculum vitae

Scarica Curriculum Vitae (.pdf 281KB )

PhD candidate in “Future Earth, Climate change and Societal Challenges” with the main focus on water resource management for climate adaptation. His research considers Water Governance issues. The core of the research tackles with the demand-supply governance challenges associated to the Macro/Meso and Micro scales. He has developed an innovative analytical framework to assess the problems of fit in water governing systems (Macro/Meso-Scale context), besides he studies the governing factors of water consumption as well as conservation behavior in farmers society and Agricultural sector (Micro Scale context).

He has the International Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from UNIBO (2015) with the thesis for WATER LOSSES ANALYSIS in MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES based on the case studies of AQUAKNIGHT (EU) projectHe graduated with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Urmia University (Iran) in 2001.

He possessed 4/5 years of International Management Roles (2015-2019) such as Proposal Manager; Development Manager; Interface Manager in conducting FEED, Proposals, Tenders and Contracts, Liaison and Communications as per Water & Environmental Projects, besides he has the knowledge of FIDIC and different project concession models: EPC, EPCF, EPC+F, BOT, BOOT, etc.

In addition, he had been responsible for implementation of water projects for 11 years in domestic context in both public and private entities from 2002 to 2012, possessing the roles of Project Supervisor and Executive Project Manager. The projects including but not limited to the Engineering and Construction of Dams and Irrigation Canals, Water and Wastewater Networks as well as Treatments Plants and so on.

Some of the involved projects:

1) Agricultural Plan of Urmia Lake Basin was tailored for IWRM aims within the basin scale, Iran (National Project; Largest Water Management Project in the country);

2) Garmsiri Transboundy Water Supply Plan, Iran (National Project; Largest Water Supply Project in the country);

3) AQUAKNIGHT Project in Mediterranean Countries (Jordan, Egypt, Tunes, Cyprus, Italy);

4) Upgrading Sanandaj (city, Iran) Wastewater Treatment Plant with energy self- sufficiency goals

5) Updating of the Sewerage Development Program for Greater Tehran (the Largest Sewerage Network in the country)

6) Tehran Wastewater Treatment Plant (the largest WWTP in the country)

7) Master Plan of Agriculture and Water Management in Khuzestan, Iran (significant size in the country)


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