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Patricia Benito Martin

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Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/04 CHIMICA INDUSTRIALE


Ho, Phuoc Hoang; Jabłońska, Magdalena; Palkovits, Regina; Rodríguez-Castellón, Enrique; Ospitali, Francesca; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Vaccari, Angelo; Benito, Patricia, N2O catalytic decomposition on electrodeposited Rh-based open-cell metallic foams, «CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL», 2020, 379, pp. 122259 - 122269 [articolo]

Ho, Phuoc Hoang; Jablonska, Magdalena; Nocuń, Marek; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Ospitali, Francesca; Vaccari, Angelo; Palkovits, Regina; Benito, Patricia, Effect of neodymium in Co(Cu)‐Al mixed oxides on their physico‐chemical properties and activity in N2O decomposition, «CHEMCATCHEM», 2019, 11, pp. 5580 - 5592 [articolo]

G. Sanghez de Luna, P. H. Ho, A. Lolli, G. Fornasari, S. Albonetti, P. Benito, Electrocatalysts for the Reduction of Biomass-Derived Compounds, in: Giornate dell’Elettrochimica Italiana GEI 2019 - Program and Book of abstract, 2019(atti di: Giornate dell’Elettrochimica Italiana GEI 2019, Padova, 8-12-Settembre 2019) [atti di convegno-poster]

Ho P.H.; Ambrosetti M.; Groppi G.; Tronconi E.; Fornasari G.; Vaccari A.; Benito P., Electrodeposition of CeO 2 and Pd-CeO 2 on small pore size metallic foams: Selection of deposition parameters, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2019, 334, pp. 37 - 47 [articolo]

R. Bendoni, F. Miccio, V. Medri, P. Benito, A. Vaccari, E.Landi, Geopolymer composites for the catalytic cleaning of tar in biomass-derived gas, «RENEWABLE ENERGY», 2019, 131, pp. 1107 - 1116 [articolo]

A. Vaccari, P. Benito, G. Fornasari, C, Lucarelli, G. Sanghez De Luna, N. Schiaroli, Hydrogen from clean biogas: A proof of concept of integrated process, in: CAT 2019, 2019, pp. 28 - 28 (atti di: 5th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Engineering & Technology, London UK, September 16-18, 2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

Ho, Phuoc Hoang; de Nolf, Wout; Ospitali, Francesca; Beton, Didier; Torkuhl, Lars; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Vaccari, Angelo; Benito, Patricia, Insights into coated NiCrAl open-cell foams for the catalytic partial oxidation of CH4, «REACTION CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING», 2019, 4, pp. 1768 - 1778 [articolo]

P. Tarifa, N. Schiaroli, P. Ho, F. Ospitali, A. Monzon, C. Lucarelli, G. Fornasari, A. Vaccari, P. Benito, Intensification of Biogas Steam Reforming at Low/CH4 ratios, in: EuropaCAt 2019, 2019, pp. 238 - 238 (atti di: 14th European Congress on Catalysis "Catalysis without Borders", Aache D, 18-23 August 2019) [atti di convegno-abstract]

P. H. Ho, G. Sanghez de Luna, F. Ospitali, G. Fornasari, A. Vaccari, P. Benito, Low Temperature CO2 Methanation on Ni doped Catalysts on open-cell foams, in: MATERIALS FOR TODAY'S ENERGY CHALLENGES Book of abstract, 2019(atti di: MATERIALS FOR TODAY'S ENERGY CHALLENGES, Padova, 3-4 Giugno 2019) [atti di convegno-poster]

P.H. Ho, M. Ambrosetti, Gianpiero Groppi, E. Tronconi, R. Palkovits, G. Fornasari, A. Vaccari, P. Benito, Structured Catalysts-Based on Open-Cell Metallic Foams for Energy and Environmental Applications, in: Horizons in Sustainable Industrial Chemistry and Catalysis, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2019, pp. 303 - 327 [capitolo di libro]

Gomez Bernal H.; Benito P.; Rodriguez-Castellon E.; Raspolli Galletti A.M.; Funaioli T., Synthesis of isopropyl levulinate from furfural: Insights on a cascade production perspective, «APPLIED CATALYSIS A: GENERAL», 2019, 575, pp. 111 - 119 [articolo]

P. Benito, A. Vaccari, C. Antonietti, D. Licursi, N. Schiaroli, E. Rodríguez.Castellon, A.M. Raspolli Galletti, Tunable copper-hydrotalcite derived mixed oxides for sustainable ethanol condensation to n-butanol in liquid phase, «JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION», 2019, 209, pp. 1614 - 1623 [articolo]

Minelli, M.*; Papa, E.; Medri, V.; Miccio, F.; Benito, P.; Doghieri, F.; Landi, E., Characterization of novel geopolymer – Zeolite composites as solid adsorbents for CO2capture, «CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL», 2018, 341, pp. 505 - 515 [articolo]

Phouoc Hoang Ho, Wout de Nolf, Francesca Ospitali, Angela Gondolini, Giuseppe Fornasari, Erika Scavetta, Domenica Tonelli, Angelo Vaccari; Patricia Benito, Coprecipitated-like hydrotalcite-derived coatings on open-cell metallic foams by electrodeposition: Rh particles on oxide layers under harsh reaction conditions, «APPLIED CATALYSIS A: GENERAL», 2018, 560, pp. 12 - 20 [articolo]

HO HOANG, Phuoc; Scavetta, Erika; Ospitali, Francesca; Tonelli, Domenica; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Vaccari, Angelo; BENITO MARTIN, Patricia, Effect of metal nitrate concentration on the electrodeposition of hydrotalcite-like compounds on open-cell foams, «APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE», 2018, 151, pp. 109 - 117 [articolo]

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