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Paolo Toth


Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Keywords: Railway Optimization Problems Vertex Coloring Problem Loading Problems Heuristic algorithms Travelling Salesman problem Vehicle Routing Problem Knapsack Problem Integer Linear Programming Models Exact algorithms Cutting Problems Combinatorial Optimization Problems Crew Planning Problem Exact algorithms Heuristic algorithms Crew Planning Problem Vertex Coloring Problem Loading Problems Integer Linear Programming Models Knapsack Problem Vehicle Routing Problem Combinatorial Optimization Problems Railway Optimization Problems Travelling Salesman problem Cutting Problems

Optimal Circuits in a graph: “Vehicle Routing Problem”, "Travelling Salesman Problem". Railway Optimization: “Train Timetabling”, “Train Platforming”, “Locomotive Scheduling”. Personnel Optimization:: “Railway Crew Planning”, "Crew Scheduling", "Crew Rostering", “Staff Scheduling”. Loading Problems: single and multi dimensional “Knapsack Problems”, “Bin Packing Problems”, "Cutting Stock Problems". “Vertex Coloring Problems".

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