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Paola Vernillo

Teaching tutor

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


Conference proceedings/ Atti di convegno (peer reviewed)

Vernillo, P., Panunzi, A. (2017). Analisi della variazione marcata di verbi di azione generali ad alta frequenza nell’italiano parlato. In A. De Meo e F. Dovetto (Eds), La comunicazione parlata. Spoken Communication. Napoli 2016. Roma: Aracne Editrice.

Vernillo, P. (2019). The Role of the Image Schemas in the Analysis of the Semantic Variation of Action verbs. Data from IMAGACT. In O. Kutz and M. Hedblom (Eds), Tricolore 2018. Creativity-Cognition- Computation. Bozen-Bolzano, 13-15 December, 2018.

Capitoli in volumi (peer reviewed)

Panunzi, A., Vernillo, P. (2019). Metaphor in action. Action verbs and abstract meaning. In: Marianna Bolognesi, Gerard J. Steen. Perspectives on Abstract Concepts. Cognition, language and communication, pp. 215-237 John Benjamins Publishing Company, ISBN:9789027262523.

Vernillo, P. (in stampa). Grounding Abstract Concepts in Action.The semantic analysis of four Italian action verbs encoding force events. In Concepts in Action: Representation, Learning and Application. Springer series "Language, Cognition, and Mind".

Riviste Peer reviewed internazionali

Bolognesi, M., Vernillo, P. (2019). How abstract concepts emerge from metaphorical images: The metonymic way. Language and Communication 69, 26-41.

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