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Paola Gremigni

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/03 Psychometrics


Keywords: psychometric testing healthcare quality of life communication skills measures health behaviours multivariate analyses reliability emotion validation personality

Study of relevant constructs in psychology (emotion, quality of life, interpersonal communication, health behaviors and style of life, personality, and illness representation), evaluation of their operationalizability, development, and validation of psychometric measures.

Application of multivariate models of analysis to the research on psychological dimensions in several areas: clinical and health psychology, general psychology, and psychology of work and organization. Use of correlational studies, as well as longitudinal, controlled and quasi-experimental design. Systematic reviews of the evidence-based literature, and evaluation of the psychometric characteristics of tests


EMOTIONS: shame, boredom, anger-hostility, anxiety and depression, gratitude, forgiveness, dear of the pandemia.

BEHAVIORS: eating and other consumption behaviours, coping, health and disease management.

PERSONALITY: traits, psychological capital, humoristic and coping styles.

RELATIONSHIPS: attachment styles, couple relationship, social support, work-family interface,doctor-patient relationship.

OUTCOME VARIABLES: psychological and subjective well-being, stress and work-related stress, job satisfaction, loneliness.

DISTURBANCES: adult ADHD, chronic pain.