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Ombretta Marescalchi

Adjunct professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology


Keywords: amphigony, parthenogenesis, development, Karyotype, evolution

1.    Cytotaxonomy and Phylogenesis of Phasmida.

2.    Evolution of genome-size of Pahsmida.

3.    Reproductive biology and centrosome inheritance of stick insects.

4.    Reproductive biology of Annelida Aeolosomidae.

5.    Speciation mechanisms and phylogeography of circum-mediterranean stick insects.

6.    Caryological and molecular taxonomy of Coleoptera, Crustacea and Annelida.

7.    Gonadic morphogenesis in Bufo bufo(Amphibia Anura).

8.    Aspects of hormonal abnormalities in human reproductive biology.

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