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Mirek Tobiáš Hošman

PhD Student

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Teaching tutor

Department of Economics


Hošman Mirek Tobiáš, China’s NME status at the WTO: analysis of the debate, «JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW & POLICY», 2021, 20, pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]Open Access

Hošman Mirek Tobiáš, George Berkeley's tar-water medicine, «EARLY SCIENCE AND MEDICINE», 2020, 25, pp. 173 - 193 [Scientific article]

Hošman, Mirek Tobiáš, Review of: Richard Baldwin: The Globotics Upheaval: Globalisation, Robotics, and the Future of Work 1st edition. London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2019, 292 pages, ISBN 978-1- 4746-0901-2, «MEZINARODNÍ VZTAHY», 2020, 55, pp. 65 - 69 [Review]

Hošman Mirek Tobiáš, Just war theory: Feminist critique as a practical alternative to revisionism, «POLITOLOGICKY CASOPIS», 2019, 2019, pp. 164 - 180 [Scientific article]

Hošman Mirek Tobiáš, Review of: Rosemary Kellison: Expanding Responsibility for the Just War: A Feminist Critique, «MEZINARODNÍ VZTAHY», 2019, 54, pp. 77 - 80 [Review]

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