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Mirek Tobiáš Hošman


Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali

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Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche


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Pubblicazioni antecedenti il 2004

Peer-reviewed articles

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. China’s NME Status at the WTO: Analysis of the Debate, Journal of International Trade Law and Policy 20(1), pp. 1–20.

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2020. George Berkeley’s Tar-water Medicine, Early Science and Medicine 25(2), pp. 1–21.

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2019. Just War Theory: Feminist Critique as a Practical Alternative to Revisionism, Czech Journal of Political Science 3, pp. 164–180.

Book reviews

(forthcoming) HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2021. Review of Adrian Robert Bazbauers and Susan Engel's The Global Architecture of Multilateral Development Banks: A System of Debt or Development?, Czech Journal of International Relations.

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2020. Review of Richard Baldwin’s The Globotics Upheaval: Globalisation, Robotics and the Future of Work, Czech Journal of International Relations 55(2), pp. 65–69.

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2019. Review of Kellison Rosemary’s Expanding Responsibility for the Just War, Czech Journal of International Relations 54(4), pp. 77–80.

Conference presentations

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš – MUTTRAY, Nils. 2021. United Nations General Assembly: Network Analysis of Voting Communities, in Networks 2021: A Joint Conference of Sunbelt and NetSci, USA: Washington D.C.

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2018. McMahanova teorie spravedlivé války, in Konference I. A. Bláhy, Czech Republic: Brno. (in Czech)

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2017. Spravedlivá válka – konec teorie nebo její revize? In Hereditas, Slovakia: Trnava. (in Czech)

HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš. 2016. Filosofická východiska antinatalismu aneb má lidstvo vymřít? in FILEX, Czech Republic: Brno. (in Czech)

Conference organizations

ALACEVICH, Michele – HOŠMAN, Mirek Tobiáš – NEROZZI, Sebastiano – TUSSET, Gianfranco. 2019. AISPE XVI Conference: The Rise of Economic Inequality: Contributions from the History of Social Sciences, Italy: Bologna.

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