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Melissa Angela Milani

Adjunct professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Melissa Angela Milani
Born in Nashville, U.S.A. on 17/9/1963

She has achieved the following qualifications:
Ø Academic degree in Physical Education - obtained atHigh Institute of Physical Education in Bologna, on 03/03/1987 votes with 110/110 et cum laude with a thesis on "The blind and the sport"
Ø Degree in management of motor activity sports, and - obtained at the University of Rimini (Italy), dated 13/12/11, with votes 110/110 et cum laude with thesis on "The Professional Profile of the graduate in Sports Science in Community legislation and national : classification and developments"
Ø Postgraduate specialization on Disabled - obtained with the Education Authority of Bologna
Winner of the ordinary for teaching physical education in secondary school in grade I and II, and teaching in primary school teacher enters the role of Physical Education, A. S. 2004/2005.
Collaborates with the Faculty of Sciences of Bologna, from 2001/2002, as adjunct professor of "TTD of motor sport and adapted", is based in Bologna that of Rimini, "Science and techniques of sport for disabled "TTD adapted motor activity." She teaches in undergraduate degree courses in basic.
Collaborate with the IRREER (Regional Institute for Educational Research - MIUR) as a member of the group study and research in Physical Education School.
She has worked with SSIS support for AY 2002-03 for the area Deficit and Sport
She has worked with SSIS support for AY 2003-04 on the theme of Sport and disability
She is a consultant and trainer for several of Emilia Romagna Regional School Offices (MIUR), to upgrade the teaching staff in primary and secondary school in the first and second degree for teachers of physical education and support.
She's regional manager of the "sports integration" of the' URS Emilia-Romagna/CIP
She's technical representative in the national board of the National Paralympic Committee
She's component of the National Commission School of Italian Paralympic Committee
She's representative in the Joint Committee MIUR CIP / CIP for planning, promotion and training activities for teaching students with disabilities integration through sport and physical activity
She 's collaborator of the Regional School Sport of CONI, the training of educators and technical F.N.S.
She participated in the following National and International Events:
• Conference "Full of Life" on technology and sports
• Conference on "Sport and disability: comparing experiences"
• Conference "a medal for life ... a life for a medal"
• International Scientific Conference Sport Kinetics (2005). Rimini, September 16-18. Report: "Autism and sport effect"

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