Foto del docente

Mauro Gaspari

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics


  • Multi-Agent Systems.
  • Semantic Web.
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence.
  • AI Languages.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation tools.
Multi-Agent Systems and Semantic Web: We are especially interested in integrating multi-agent systems in the semantic Web. We are working on building a software infrastructure enabling agents to interact and to be freely developed on the Web. We are also working on agent communication languages providing advanced communication primitives, dealing with fault-tolerance and defining their concurrent semantics.

AI Languages: exploiting python as an AI language; production systems sematics.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence: We are interested in applying artificial intelligence techniques in several application domains, more precisely: Medicine: the AEDSS project which concerns the development of an expert system for the evaluation of EDSS in multiple sclerosis. Finance: we are developing an expert system for decision support in fund raising. Finance: Agent based information integration for financial markets.