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Mauro Delogu

Assistant professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: VET/05 Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals


The main research activities carried out in the Laboratory of Ecology of Pathogens which it is responsible, include the Ecology of viral and bacterial diseases and especially the ecology of the virus infuenzali where they are carried out epidemiological studies, serological, isolation and typing viral to clarify, through the study of ecological aspects, what is the status of influenza viruses in wild avian species , and how they can facilitate the transmission to domestic species (reservoir species, epiphenomena species , and ecological interfacies).

The main research activities concern the study of influenza viruses in domestic species, wild and interface with the man. This started in 1992 and to date, has allowed the isolation of many influenza viruses in nature and to understand some adaptive mechanisms allowing  avian influenza viruses interspecies transmission.. Ongoing research discover a new preening mediated transmission route in wild aquatic birds. The ongoing study involves investigations of epidemiological, serological and isolation of viral typing to clarify, through the study of ecological aspects (interaction between the susceptible species, viral persistence in the environment), what is the status of influenza viruses in the species wild bird (movement, strength, movement), and how they can facilitate the passage of infection to domestic species (species in the tank, in those considered epiphenomena, and ecological interfacies. Parallel are carried out in collaboration with the Centre of reference WHO for Influenza, evidence of the infection in experimental isolator to study the adaptive mechanisms that influenza viruses "wild", operate in executing the jump of species during the evolutionary race that may lead them to become pandemic in the human population.