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Matteo Lippi Bruni

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/03 Public Economics

Director of Organisational Unit (UOS) Forlì of Department of Economics

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Department of Economics, University of Bologna

Piazza Scaravilli, 2, 40126 Bologna

e-mail    phone+39-051-2098145 fax +39-051-2098040



2014-now Associate Professor of Public Economics, Department of Economics, University of Bologna.

2008-2014 Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Bologna, with tenure.

2005-2008 Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Bologna (tenure track).

2001 - 2005   Research Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Bologna.



PhD in Economics, University of Bologna .

Master of Science in Economics, University College London (UCL).

BA in Economics (4 Year Degree), University of Bologna (Summa cum Laude) .



In Refereed Journals

[1] The impact of Community Health Centres on inappropriate use of emergency services (with C. Ugolini, R. Verzulli, A.C. Leucci), Health Economics, 2023, 32 (2), pp.375-394.


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Contributions to Collective Volumes (in Italian)

[23] Quality in Nursing Homes, in Oxford Research Encyclopedia in Economics and Finance, Oxford University Press (with I. Mammi and R. Verzulli) 2019.

[24]    Mutue sanitarie e meccanismi assicurativi, in S. Maggi e C. De Pietro (a cura di), Le Prospettive del Mutuo Soccorso nel Sistema Sanitario Italiano, 2015, Bologna, Il Mulino, pp. 105-123.


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[28]     Implicazioni etiche degli strumenti di valutazione economica nella selezione dei programmi sanitari, in E. Sgreccia (ed.) Bioetica e Allocazione delle Risorse in Sanità, 1997, CIC, Bologna ( with G. Fiorentini).



[29]     Il ruolo delle mutue sanitarie integrative, 2012, (with S. Rago and C. Ugolini), Il Mulino, Bologna.


Working Papers  and  Preliminary Drafts

[30] Emergency department utilization for non-urgent care: are there differences between immigrants and natives? 2014 , Department of Economics University of Bologna (with I. Mammi, and C. Ugolini) presented at  iHEA World Congress Trinity College Dublin 2014, Conferenza AIES 2014 – Università di Venezia; SIEP 2013– Università of Pavia; Migrant Health 2012, Università Bocconi Milano.

[31] The quicker the better: fostering timely responses in public hospitals. (with R. Verzulli), Health Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG) Working Paper 22/08.


Main Research Projects

2012- 2013     Reforming financing mechanism of hospital care, Advanced School for Healthcare Policy, University of Bologna, funded by the Department of Heath and Social Care, Emilia Romagna Region (role: principal investigator with Rossella Verzulli).

2012                Monitoring the main targets of the National Health Plan: Primary care, 24hrs care and inappropriate access to emergency services, Advanced School for Healthcare Policy, University of Bologna and National Agency for Regional Healthcare Services- Rome, unit coordinator G. Fiorentini (role: investigator).

2010                The role of mutual health insurance in the design of the new welfare, funded by  Centro di Formazione e Iniziativa sulla Cooperazione e l'Etica d'Impresa (role: principal investigator).

2008-2009      Organisation and incentives for governing primary care, Department of Economics, University of Bologna and Regional Agency for Social and Healthcare Services of Emilia Romagna, funded the by Italian Ministry of Health, coordinator F. Taroni.

2008-2009      Governance of demand and incentives in financing supply of care in a National Health Service”, Coordinator R. Levaggi (U. of Brescia), PRIN-COFIN 2008-2009, funded the by Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research.

2007-2008      The role of economic incentives for the governance of health cares systems: an application to primary care, funded by Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì (role: principal investigator with C. Ugolini).

2006-2008      “Health Economics: contracts, procurements and innovation”- coordinator V. Denicolò, Strategic Research Project funded by the University of Bologna.

2003-2004      “Spatial aspects of health and social care: needs, organisational and financial issues” coordinator G.Muraro, COFIN Program, funded by the Italian Ministry for Scientific Research (MIUR).

2003-2005      "The contribution of structural policies for improving appropriateness in health care”, joint project: Department of Economics University of Bologna (DSE) and Regional Agency for Healthcare Services of Emilia Romagna (ASR-ER), funded by the Italian Ministry of Health.

2000-2001       "Demand for hospital care services: financing and regulation issues”, joint project between DSE and ASR-ER, funded by the Italian Ministry of Health.

1999-2000      "The re-organisation of the National Healthcare System” coordinator G. Muraro, COFIN Program, funded by MIUR.



2015-16       Advanced Public Finance, School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna -Forli Campus. Regulation in Health Care Markets (in English), School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna (also 2014-15; 2013-14; 2012-13, 2011-12; 2010-11; 2009-10, 2009-09);

2015-16 Regulation in Health Care Markets (in English), School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna (also 2014-15; 2013-14; 2012-13);

2010-11          Public Finance, Faculty of Economics, Forli Campus, University of Bologna (also 2009-10, 2008-09, 2007-08).

2007-08           Economic Analysis of Law, Faculty of Economics, Forli Campus, University of Bologna (also 2006-07; 2005-06).

2006-07           Microeconomics, Faculty of Economics, Forlì Campus, University of Bologna (also 2005-06).

2004-05           Microeconomics and Economics of Institutions , Faculty of Political Science II, University of Bologna.

2004               Seminar course (10 hrs.) in Economic evaluation of non marketable goods, Faculty of Economics “Marco Biagi”, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

various years   Tutorials in Microeconomics, Public Economics, Economics of Contracts, Institution of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna.




2013-14          European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE),   Public Law and Economics (in English), Faculty of Economics University of Bologna (18 hrs.)- in English (also 2012-13; 2011-12, 2010-11, 2009-10).


                      Master in City Management, topics: Economic Decisions of the Public Administration (12 hrs.), University of Bologna, Forlì Campus (also 2011-12).


            Master in Management of Nursing, Preventive and Rehabilitative Medicine, topic Economic and Statistical Methods (12 hrs), University of Bologna, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (also 2010-11 and 2007-08).



2011-12          Director of the Postgraduate Specialisation Course in Economics and Management of Healthcare Agencies: Rationing, Accountability, Budgeting, Personell Evaluation and Procurement, University of Bologna, Forlì Campus (also 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11).


2010-11          Master in City Management, topics: Local Public Finance (8 hrs.); Economic Decisions of the Public Administration (13 hrs.), University of Bologna, Forlì Campus, (also 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10).



2004-05          Postgraduate Specialisation Course in Healthcare Agencies: rationing, procurement, budgeting and personnel evaluation; University of Bologna, Forlì Campus.


2002                Master in Planning, Management and Evaluation of Healthcare Services, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bologna (Topic “Insurance systems in health care”).


1999 & 2002   Master in Administration and Management of Healthcare Services, Regional Agency for Healthcare Services of Emilia Romagna.


EMLE external examiner (2012-13; 2010-11); EMLE Thesis supervisor (2009-10),




International meetings

Health Econometrics Workshop, University of Bari (2016); University of Padova (2014).

Spatial Econometrics Conference, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Roma (2016);

Health Economics Study Group (HESG) meeting, Lancaster University (2015); London School of Economics (2010);

iHEA World Congress: Trinity College Dublin (2014); University of Copenhagen (2007) and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (2005) ;

Journées d'Economie Publique L-A Gerard-Varret (LAGV12), Université de Aix-en-Provence  Marseille (2013)*;

International Conference on Evidence–Based Policy in Long-Term Care, London School of Economics, September 2012.

European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE): Zurich (2012), Helsinki (2010), Rome (2008) Budapest (2006), LSE-London (04), Paris (02);

Migrant Health 2012- 4th Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Europe, Bocconi University.

Workshop “Chronic Diseases, Primary Health Care and Health System Performance: Diagnosis, Tools and Interventions”, University of Salvador de Bahia and Inter American Development Bank December 2011 (Salvador de Bahia, Brasil).

Workshop on Applied Health Economics and Policy Evaluation, Paris IRDES (2010);

European Health Policy Group (EHPG) meeting, London School of Economics (2006);

European Conference on Long-Term Care, Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim (2005);

Journées d'Economie Publique L-A Gerard-Varret (LAGV3), IDEP, Université de Marseille (2004);

European Economic Association (EEA), Universidad Carlos III Madrid (2004) .

National meetings

Workshop on Institutions, Individual Behaviour and Economic Outcomes (IIBEO), Alghero, Università di Sassari e CRENos, 2016.

Workshop“ Sustainable funding of Italian National Health Service: the role of demand and supply control. Lessons from other countries” 'University of Padua, June 2010.

SIEP Conference, University of Pavia 2013- 2009- 2008 -06-05-04-03-01;

SIE (Italian Economists Society) Meeting 2013 , U Bologna.

Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics (ICEEE), University of Venice 2005;

Labour Economics Workshop “Brucchi Luchino”, Catholic University, Milan (poster);

Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Health Economics (AIES), Alghero (2015); Caì Foscari, Univ. of Venice 2014, Univ. of Trento 2013, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart- Rome 2012, Univ. II of Naples 2011, Carlo Alberto Royal College Univ. of Turin 2010, Univ. of Bergamo 2009, Matera 2008, Univ. of Florence 2007, Univ. of Venice- Ca' Foscari 2006, Univ. of Genoa 2005 , Bocconi Univ. Milan 2004 Univ. of Bologna 2002, Univ. of Catania 2001.

Workshop "Patient's choice and incentives for doctors" State University Milan 2001.


University of Southern Denmark (2018); University of Bergamo (2017); Inter-American Development Bank- Washington D.C. (2011), University of Cagliari (2011), University of Milan (2010), Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome (2009), Hermes Research Center -University of Turin (2009), University of Eastern Piedmont-at Novara (2006) University of Modena (2004) University of Bologna (2002).



Applied Economics (5), Applied Economics Letters, BMC Health Services Research, Diabetic Medicine (2) Economic Change and Restructuring, Economics and Human Biology, Economic Inquiry, Economics Bulletin, Empirical Economics, European Journal of Health Economics (3), Health Economics (10), Health Policy (10), Health Services Management Research, International Journal of Health Economics and Management (2), International Journal of Public Health, International Journal of Social Economics, , International Review of Economics, Journal of Economic Studies, Journal of Health Economics (6), Journal of Public Health Research, PlosOne, Politiche Sociali: studi e ricerche, Politiche Sanitarie (3), Review of Economics of the Household (2), Rivista di Politica Economica (2), Social Science & Medicine.



iHEA (International Health Economics Association), SIEP (Italian Society of Public Economics), AIES (Italian Association of Health Economics), EHPG (European Health Policy Group), CHILD (Centre for Household, Income, Labour and Demographic economics; until the closure of the centre 2012).

Member of the Scientific Committee, EuHea Conference (European Health Economics Association), University of Hamburg, 2016.

Member of the Directory Board of the Advanced School for Health Policy , University of Bologna 2014-to date. 

Elected Member of the Board of the Italian Association of Health Economics (AIES), 2008-2010, 2011-2013.

Member of the Scientific Committee , AIES National Conference, University of Rome 2012. 

Chair  of the Organising Commitee of the XVIII Meeting of the European Health Policy Group, University of Bologna, 2009. 



Italian (Mother tongue), English (fluent), French (basic), German (basic).

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