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Matteo Brecchia

Research fellow

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Curriculum vitae

Research fellow from February 2023 at the Department of Agro-Environmental and Food Sciences, in the Agricultural Chemistry Area.

Research grant in collaboration with the National Composting Consortium (CIC), as part of the project: "Study of the fertilizing efficiency and main soil effects following the use of composted amendments of different origins in field trials and in a controlled environment".

PhD student from November 2019 at the Agro-Food Sciences and Technologies Department, in the Agricultural Chemistry Area, under supervision of Prof. Ilaria Braschi. His research interests are aimed at environmental remediation strategies. Particularly, it is focused on new methodologies experimentation for soils, sediment and water decontamination from pollutant such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons. His research field also extends to food quality, especially implementing effective zero-residue production methodologies.


In 2017 he attended the II Level Master, Characterization and Remediation of Contaminated Sites, at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice.

Graduated in 2015 at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna - LM in Management and Planning of Agro-Territorial Forestry and Landscape Ecosystems.

Research activities abroad

January - April 2022

Ph.D Program in Earth Sciences -B08.56.1- University of Granada - Department of Edaphology and Agricultural Chemistry. Tutor: Prof. Emilia Fernàndez Ondoño.

Other training activities

November 2 - December 10, 2021

"Course of Multivariate Analysis in Agroecology" organized by the Italian Society of Agronomy (SIA)

November 5-26, 2020 (32 h)

CLIVUT - Climate Value of Urban Trees - URBAN GREEN AND CLIMATE CHANGE, On-Line Course

November 18-22, 2019

Winter School - Plotina - The Road from reviewer to editor in food science and agriculture journals



Title: Problems in the environmental management of sludge and sediments. Trace metal pollution, theory and case studies

Duration: 3h

a.a. 2021/2022

Participation in conferences as a speaker

June 23-26 2022 - Conference Center “Karolos Papoulias”, University of Ioannina, Greece

11th European Conference of Pensticides and Related Organic Micropollutants in the Environment & 17th Symposium of Chemistry and Fate of Modern Pesticides.

M. Brecchia, E. Buscaroli, I. Braschi. "Trichoderma and clinoptilolite contribution on reducing trace elements (TE) uptake by melon (Cucumis melo L.) plants cultivated in different seasons" (Oral presentation)

E. Buscaroli, M. Brecchia, S. Blasioli, I. Braschi. "Dissipation models of pesticides boscalid, metolachlor, terbuthylazine, metalaxyl and acetamiprid in a Surface Flow Constructed Wetland (SFWC)" (Poster)

September 5-7 2022 - Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment - University of Pisa, Italy

XL SICA Congress - Conciliating Sustainability Resilience, and Food Quality, new challenges for 2030 agriculture

M. Brecchia, E. Buscaroli, I. Braschi. "Trichoderma and clinoptilolite contribution on reducing trace elements (TE) uptake by melon (Cucumis melo L.) plants cultivated in different seasons" (Oral Presentation)

E. Buscaroli, M. Brecchia, S. Blasioli, I. Braschi. "Pesticide abatement in a surface flow constructed wetland (SFCW): dissipation kinetics of acetamiprid, metalaxyl, metolachlor and terbuthylazine in water column" (Poster)

Professional activities

From July 2017 to November 2019 he was employed as an Environmental Technician for the company Ecostile Srl of Pordenone (PN), working in the field of Environmental Remediation (Cat. 9 of the National Register of Environmental Managers)

Other activities

In 2016, for the humanitarian project of International Cooperation: HELMETS WHITE - HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTIONS IN CRISIS AREAS, he participated:

  • to the creation of environmental reports based on monitoring campaigns of the Rio Mantaro Basin Area, Yunìn, Peru;
  • to the Caritas campaigns for the implementation of organic agriculture in the peasant communities of the regions of Andamarca and Yunìn, Peru.

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