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Massimo Spisni

Full Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/09 Corporate Finance


Keywords: real estate venture capital private equity

The family firm is the main model of ownership structure in our country.Although this, every family firm is destined to change as the economic situation changes and, above all, because of the succession process. This process is a factor of risk for the firm as it determines organizational, managerial, cultural and legal problems. Empirical researches on this topics can be very interesting for two reasons: 1) the small-medium firms not listed are spread in our local world; 2) in many countries, for different reasons, since nineties policy makers shall face the theme of the mechanisms of allocation of ownership and control of firms.

Real estate: performances of closed-end funds.

Entrepreneurial Finance

Corporate Valuation

Corporate  restructuring

Financial structure

Corporate Governance

Incentive system for management

Private Equity and  Venture Capital

Real Estate