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Massimo Ponti

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/07 Ecology

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Marine Biology


Keywords: Marine Ecology Anthropogenic impact in coastal marine habitats Marine biodiversity Biogenic reefs Scientific diving Citizen Science Marine habitat mapping Artificial reefs

  • Ecology of coastal marine macrobenthic communities
  • Effects of human disturbance and climate change on the diversity and functioning of coastal marine benthic communities
  • Marine bioconstruction and bioerosion processes
  • Facilitation processes and other interactions between benthic marine species
  • Scientific diving applied to the study of benthic communities
  • Taxonomy and ecological traits in marine invertebrates, especially in polychaetes
  • Geographic information systems and mapping of coastal marine habitats
  • Development of monitoring protocols of biodiversity and ecological status of coastal marine environments with the participation of volunteers (Citizen Science)

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