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Massimiliano Varani

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/09 Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization


Keywords: tractor, suspensions, field tests

Analysis of traction efficiency of agricultural tractors:
-Methodology for measuring and analyzing the traction efficiency of agricultural tractors equipped with innovative traction devices;
-Methodology for measuring and analyzing the performance of agricultural tractors equipped with systems that can change their weight balance between front and rear axles;
-Methodology for objective evaluation of the performance of an agricultural tractor transmission.

Performance analysis of agricultural machinery:
-Methodology for the measurement and analysis of pressures acting on a plow's working body;
-Methodology for the measurement and analysis of wear on a plow working body;
-Methodology for measuring and analyzing loads applied on a power harrow under different working conditions;
-Methodology for researching correlations between soil grain size and the energy required to till it using agricultural machinery;
-Methodology for evaluating the performance of weeding machines.

Electrification of agricultural machinery:
-Feasibility study of micro-Hybrid tractors;
-Methodology for measuring the performance of electric agricultural machinery powered by external generator;
-Feasibility study of idle-stop systems for agricultural machinery.
Dynamics of agricultural tractors:
-Development of a methodology for controlling a 4-point cab suspension for an agricultural tractor;
-Optimization of the geometry of a three-point hitch.

Economic evaluation of agricultural machinery:
-Development of a Farm Management Information System based on data acquisition from CAN-Bus network.

-Development and testing of a low-cost sensor for moisture measurement.

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