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Massimiliano Ghini

Adjunct professor

Department of Industrial Engineering


Books and chapters


Massimiliano Ghini e Joshua Freedman, Inside Change: How to use emotional intelligence to facilitate change inside organizations, in Emotionale Intelligenz in Organisationen, 2018, Springer.


Massimiliano Ghini and Joshua Freedman, The Vital Organization, 2014, Six Seconds Publishing.


Massimiliano Ghini, Intelligenza Emotiva in Azione, 2011, ed. ilsole24ore.


Joshua Freedman and Massimiliano Ghini, Inside Change, 2010, Six Seconds Publishing, trad. italiana “Intelligenza Emotiva dentro al cambiamento”, ed. ilsole24ore.



Papers, articles and business cases

Lorenzo Fariselli MBA, Massimiliano Ghini MBA, Paul Stillman Ph.D., 2019, “UCB, a leadership case study in a multinational pharma company”, White Paper.


Alessandro Camilleri e Massimiliano Ghini, Persone e dati: nuove opportunità?, Settembre 2017, Harvard Business Review Italia.


Massimiliano Ghini, Joshua Freedman and Anna Maria Caotta, 2013, "Increasing employee engagement at Komatsu", White Paper.


Lorenzo Fariselli, Joshua Freedman and Massimiliano Ghini in collaboration with Fabio Barnabè and Erika Paci of Gruppo Amadori, 2013, "Linking bottom line performance to emotional intelligence and organizational climate", White Paper.


Massimiliano Ghini, 2010, "Blended Learning at Gambro Dasco", Business Case.


Lorenzo Fariselli and Massimiliano Ghini, 2009, "Optimizing manufacturing reengineering with Emotional Intelligence", Business Case.


Lorenzo Fariselli, Joshua Freedman, Massimiliano Ghini MBA, Federica Valentini, 2008, "Stress, Emotional Intelligence & Performance In Healthcare", White Paper.


Lorenzo Fariselli, Massimiliano Ghini, Joshua Freedman, 2006, "Optimism and Job Performance", White Paper.


Lorenzo Fariselli, Joshua Freedman, Massimiliano Ghini, 2006, "Increasing Emotional Intelligence", White Paper.


Lorenzo Fariselli, Massimiliano Ghini, Joshua Freedman, 2006, "Age and Emotional Intelligence", White Paper.


Joshua Freedman, Massimiliano Ghini and Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk, 2005, "Emotional Intelligence and performance", White Paper.

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