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Martina Camorani

Teaching tutor

Department for Life Quality Studies


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Publications prior to 2004

- Traduzione del libro: Hirtz P., Hotz A., Ludwig G.: “Competenza motoria Sensazione percettiva – motoria”, Clueb, Bologna, 2005.

- Camorani M., Merni F., Ceciliani A.: “Reliability and validity of coordination test battery in school age” in proceeding of IASK Rimini, 16-18 September 2005.

- Camorani M., Merni F., Fantozzi S., Perretta N.: “Kinematics relations between first and second serve in tennis” in proceeding of IASK; Beograd, August 2007.

- Camorani M., Merni F., Fantozzi S.; Perretta N.: “Evaluation of the impact in tennis serve and analysis of body segments position” in proceeding of Tennis Science Tecnology 3, London, September 2007.

- Fantozzi S., Giovanardi A., Camorani M., Cutti A. G., Garofalo P., Merni F.: “Kinematics analysis of a whellchair tennis serve: a pilot study” in proceeding of ISG, Bologna, July 2008.

­- Camorani M., Merni F., Fantozzi S.: “Kinematic comparison among players with different level in tennis serve” in proceeding of WCPASS, Magdeburg, September 2008.


Partecipazione a Convegni:

- IASK 2005 (Sport Kinetics); 16-18 September, Rimini, Italia.

- Science of racket sports 2006, September, Madrid, Spain.

- IASK 2007 (Sport Kinetics); August, Beograd, Slovenia.

- Tennis Science Tecnology 2007, September, London, England.

- Word Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport VIII 2008, 3-6 September, Magdeburg, Germany.

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