Foto del docente

Mario Catani

Adjunct professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Curriculum vitae

Expert in:

* Designing, planning and managing projects and programmes at National and European level with particulare reference to the following activities:

  • project design
  • project management
  • human resources coordination
  • reporting

*Organizational analysis and training processes, in particular:

    • organizational needs analysis to realize training activities and/or innovative organizational projects;
    • macro and micro planning of training courses at national and transnational level;

    • project management with special reference to projects concerning orientation and organizational issues at national and transnational level, and projects concerning the integration between education system and professional training system at national and transnational level;

    • teaching organizational analysis issues, orientation, interpersonal and group dynamics;

    • planning and management of training paths concerning the soft dimensions of learning and organizational relationships (empowerment, social values, cultural aspects) with expressive techniques at corporeal and non verbal level;

    • group and individual consulting for self empowerment.

*Managing of qualitative researches.

*Identification and recognition of competences with particular reference to:

  • professional profiles analysis;

  • identification and design of systems and tools addressed to recognize and certificate the competences and the experiences to recognize and certificate the competences and the experiences in the field of Education and Training;

  • identification and design of systems

  • managing colloquies to put in evidence working and life experiences.

*Work transition:

  • achievement of studies and surveys;

  • case analysis;

  • management of network at national and transnational level.

*Social dialogue.

Member of the Technical Committee of Center for Research and Didactics on International Relations, University of San Marino.