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Maria Sofia Rini

Adjunct professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Curriculum vitae

    Dr. Maria Sofia Rini

    Private Studio:  Studio Odontoiatrico Dott.ri Rini-D'Urso

    Via di Ravone, 1/12/E

    40135 Bologna

    Tel/Fax:  051-6142182





·       1980   High school graduation (Classical Studies)

·       12/11/1985   Doctor cum Laude in Dentistry and Prosthetic Dentistry,  University of  Bologna

·       November 1985    State Examination for Professional Practice – First and sole session

·       1985-86, 1986-87    Post-Graduate experience in the Dental Clinic Institute

·       September-October 1997   Regional Training Course in “Clinical Psychology and Somatization”     Emilia-Romagna Regional Council – Health Council

·       2004   Post-University  Master in professional training and refresher course – “The professional responsibility of the doctor in specialist surgery treatment” at the Corte di Cassazione (Court of Cassation) in Rome (two-year course)

·       2006   Specialization in “Forensic Odontology” at Florence University 

·       since 1986  Free-lance professional in Bologna

·       Surgery specialist in SSN Dentistry

·       Currently member of the Legal Medicine Commission of the Order of Doctors and Dentists of the Bologna Province

·       Health Director – Dental Studio Doctors Rini-D'Urso in Bologna

·       Ex-Coordinator of the Dentistry section of the Bologna Health Authorities ‘Distretto Pianura Est AUSL'

·       District Referee for the Specialist Dentistry Area of the ‘Pianura Est' District Health Authority in Bologna

·       since 1989   Member of the Order of Technical Commissioners at the Bologna Law Courts

·       Technical and Professional Consultancy activity for the Law Courts of Bologna, Ferrara and Bolzano (Brunico …..)

·       Forensic Dentistry consultancy activity at national level

·       2007 :   period spent at the  Bellaria Hospital Health Authority in Bologna – Hospital Hygiene Service

·       Teaching and faculty activity over many years

·       Adjunct lecturer at the Department of Odontostomatology Sciences, University of  Bologna

·       Speaker at various scientific conference events at local and national level

·       Author of many scientific papers published in national and international magazines

·       Author and co-author of essays of particular interest to the legal dentistry field, to the field of surgery and to Hygiene and Prevention

·       Continuative collaboration with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore for the Dental Health Doctors area

·       Organizer and/or Secretary  of the scientific area of local and national conferences, as well as writer of  relative papers.


The professional in question is especially involved  in:

·        Legal dentistry medicine (forensic dentistry)

·        Hygiene and prevention

·        Professional illnesses

·        Oral pathology

·        Removable prosthetics

·        Geriatric dentistry

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