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Maria Cristina Carile

Associate Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: L-ART/01 History of Medieval Art

Director of Second Cycle Degree in History, preservation and enhancement of artistic and archaeological heritage and landscape


Keywords: Ravenna Constantinople Heavenly Jerusalem Thessaloniki Imperial Palace Architetural Representation Ceremonial dress Iconicity Imperial Image Represented dress

  • Imperial Palace and Heavenly Jerusalem: visions and representation
  • Sacred space, body and perceptions in late-antique and Byzantine Mediterranean
  • Architecture and décor in late-antique and Byzantine Mediterranean
  • Architectural representations between the late-antique Roman Empire, Byzantium and neighboring cultures
  • Objects and iconographies in context
  • Ceremonial dress and symbols of authority
  • Imperial image
  • Iconicity and visual culture in Late Antiquity and Byzantium
  • Research in situ: architectural sculpture, mosaics and marble revetment.