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Marco Viceconti

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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale

Settore scientifico disciplinare: ING-IND/34 BIOINGEGNERIA INDUSTRIALE

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The Secret Life of Marco Viceconti

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Relax, you are not going to find anything sordid here. First, I do not have a secret life, or if I do is tiny and of no interest. Secondly, if one want to have secrets creating a Blog does not sound like a smart move.

No, the title, beside being a bit of a joke, indicates that I will write in this blog things about by professional life which are a bit more personal and less institutional.

In fact, nothing I will write here necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, and should be considered entirely personal.

I do not have a true editorial plan. Since I am getting old, I am pretty sure I will rant a lot about how the past was better than the present, and throw to anyone who is reading a lot of unrequested advices.

I hope this will be a bit like the Hyde Park Speaker's Corner, where anyone can stand there and speak to the people that pass by. You do not have to stop and listen, and if you do you may disagree and even debate what is being said. But everybody's opinion matter (equally), and people talking (and more important listening) to each other is at the basis of any civilisation.