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Marco Senni

Adjunct professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Curriculum vitae


Training received


High school graduation at the Liceo Classico Statale "Vincenzo Monti" in Cesena.

Grade 83/100.


Degree in Nursing at the Bologna University of Medical Science, Rimini branch and operational site in Cesena.

Grade 100/100 with honour.


Post-graduate degree in "Nursing professions Coordinator (nurse, pediatric nurse and obstetrician) at the Ferrara University.

Grade of 30/30.


Master's degree in Nursing and obstetrician Sciences at the Ferrara University.

Grade 110/110 with honour.


High education course at the Bologna University in "ways to manage primary treatments"

Duration six months.

Degree 30/30


Post-graduate degree in Economics and Management of Health Services at the Ferrara University 

Grade of 30/30.


Assistance activity and employment

•June-September 2008

Scholarship in Nursing at the Maurizio Bufalini Main Hospital of Cesena, Internal Medicine pavilion.

Employed for a total of 427 hours over a six months period.

•07/01/2009 to 29/05/2016

Full time employment as Nurse at the Maurizio Bufalini Main Hospital of Cesena, geriatric pavilion.


Nurse coordinator at the above mentioned hospital and training given to new joiners.+


Coordinator of Management UU.OO. Vertical / Horizontal Departments - Nursing and Technical Department, Cesena area.




Training given

Since June 2012 I have held training courses for Healthcare Assistants on behalf of Formazione Technè.


Since 2013 I have been cooperating with the Cesena Nursing Committee, with regard to the update-courses in the geriatric field, for the 2nd academic year students.


I've achieved the first place in the contest "Assistant to General and Applied Nursing Sciences teaching", promoted by Bologna University, Rimini branch with training in Cesena.