Foto del docente

Marco Passamonti

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/05 Zoology

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Biodiversity and Evolution


Keywords: Molecular Phylogenetics RNA interference Bivalvia Mitochondrial DNA Doubly Uniparental Inheritance (DUI)

1. Mitochondrial Genomics; structure and evolution of the Mitochondrial Genome in bivalve mollusks and insecta phasmida;
2. Characterization of Doubly Uniparental Inheritance Mitochondrial Systems (DUI) in bivalves;
3. Phylogenetics and reproductive biology of stick insects (Phasmida);
4. Phylogenetics of Bivalvia;
5. Speciation mechanisms and phylogeography of circum-mediterranean stick insects (Phasmida);
6. New methodological approaches to Mitochondrial DNA characterization;
7. Ribosomal DNA structure and evolution in stick insects (Phasmida);
8. Satellite DNA structure and evolution in stick insects and venerid bivalves;
9. Biochemical and molecular taxonomy of venerid bivalves and decapod crustaceans;
10. Biochemical characterization protocols in bivalve species of commercial interest.