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Marco Garbini

Adjunct professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences


Keywords: Experimental Physics Cosmic Rays Dark Matter Neutrino Physics

- LVD experiment at Gran Sasso National Laboratories (LNGS); LVD is a liquid scintillator, 1000 t, detector devoted to the detection and study of neutrino from SuperNova . LVD can study also high energy cosmic muons and neutrons flux.

-XENON 100 and XENON1T experiments. These experiments, located at Gran Sasso National laboratories, are devoted to the direct detection od Dark Matter using a two phase (liquid-gas) Xenon TPC. XENON100 is running with a mass of about 100 kg of Xenon. XENON1T which will have a fiducial mass of about 1 t of Xenon is under construction.

-EEE Project - Extreme Energy Events, dedicated to the detection at ground of cosmic muons by means of Multigap Resistive Plate Chambers tracking telescopes installed inside Italian high schools. 

- Progetto EEE - Extreme Energy Events, per la rivelazione a terra di muoni cosmici mediante l'utilizzo di telescopi traccianti costituiti da 3 Multigap Resistive Plate Chamber installati presso scuole medie superiori su tutto il territorio nazionale. 

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