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Marco Dubbini

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Curriculum vitae

  • Graduated in Civil Engineering in 1998 at University of Bologna.
  • In 2001 I received the Ph.D. in Geodetics and Topographics Sciences (University of Bologna)
  • Attainment of the national Academic Qualification as Associate Professor in Geomatics (sector 08/A4), from 06 April 2018
  • Since 2024 Associate Professor at the University of Bologna. Scientific Disciplinary Sector CEAR-04/A - Geomatics
  • Since 2021, Senior Assistant Professor of Geomatics, Topography and Cartography, Headquarters of Geography - DiSCi Department, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Since 2008, I carry out the role of Technical Research at the same University.
  • Adjunct Professor since 2004 at the same University. Currently the course assigned to me is "Geostatistical Analysis of Territorial Data" for Master's Degree in "Geography and Territorial Processes".
  • Registered with the Professional Society of Engineers of the Province of Ravenna (Italy).
  • In the research I have always been involved in geodesy, photogrammetry, laser scanner, remote sensing and representation and management of data in a GIS environment.
  • Since 2003, I joined the research group of the National Research Program in Antarctica and I have participated in five scientific expeditions to the Antarctic continent for measurement and study of crustal movements by satellite systems in Northern Victoria Land area.
  • I have always dealt the study for integration of data acquisition systems, both terrestrial and aircraft (geodetic, topographic, photogrammetric, laser scanners, multispectral and hyperspectral), the GIS data representations for description and evaluation of phenomena and optimization of data processing techniques for describing, characterization and monitoring of the territory, structures, also agricultural, arboreal and forestry crops and for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage.
  • I am author of over 60 scientific publications in international and national journals
  • From 2017 Member of Editorial Board of journal "Applied Geomatics" editor: Springer
  • Guest Editor of MDPI journal "Drones". Special Issues “Unmanned Aerial Systems for Geosciences” from 08/2019 to 12/2020.
  • I am Inventor in the realization of Patent "HYPERSPECTRAL SENSOR WITH AMBIENT LIGHT DETECTOR" (file: WO2017125876), filed with EPO European Patent Office (Munich) with priority number EP20160151974 on 19 January 2016 and original published format: EP 16151974.I am the author of over 50 scientific publications in international and national journals.

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