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Marco Colombo

Adjunct professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Curriculum vitae

From October 1997 to October 1992 he worked on a fixed-term basis in some Local Health Units (Rovigo, Portomaggiore (FE).

From 1.08.90 to 8.11.92 he was hired for an indefinite period at the USL n.31 of Ferrara.

Since November 1992 he has been a permanent employee as a professional health worker physiotherapist Category D at the AUSL of CESENA now AUSL of ROMAGNA in the Rehabilitation Medicine Unit of Cesena.

From September 1995 to September 2004 he collaborated with the Regional Center for Cystic Fibrosis and with the Neonatal Intensive Care of the “Bufalini” Hospital in Cesena as a physiotherapist in particular to perform respiratory physiotherapy treatment for patients admitted to these centers. This assignment allowed him to specialize in respiratory physiotherapy through various refresher courses and in particular through attendance at the Veneto Regional Center for Prevention, Treatment, Research and Teaching for Cystic Fibrosis of the Verona Hospital from 18 to 22 November. 1996 and the experiential masters of the Association of Respiratory Insufficiency Rehabilitators (ARIR) on "Basic Course of Respiratory Rehabilitation on the Eltgol method" (Milan 27, 28, 29 November 1998) and Course "Respiratory Physiotherapy on the Autogenic Drainage method" ( Milan 20, 21 September 1999).

From October 2004 to May 2005 he participated in the Training Course for the Teams of the regional network of Information and Consultancy Centers for Adaptation of the Domestic Environment (CAAD), carried out in Bologna in three modules by the Regional Center for Help in Bologna and the Regional Information Center on Environmental Wellbeing of Reggio Emilia

In the academic year 2006/07 he therefore obtained the Master "Technologies for the Quality of Life" organized by the University of Bologna;

To date, he works at the Domestic Environment Adaptation Center in Cesena and the Aid Service of the ASL Romagna-Cesena (FC) as the Referent of the Prosthesis and Aid Service in Cesena for the Home Care and Home Technologies Unit from 24/1/2018


Adjunct professor of the subject "Occupational Therapy" (24 hours) in the Physiotherapy Degree Course of the University of Bologna, Cesena from the academic year 1998-99 (then Diploma in Physiotherapy) to today.

In ay 1996/97 conductor of the Stage "la Carrozzina" (6 hours) and in 1997/98 conductor of the Stage "Training in the use of the wheelchair"

Teacher of the subject "Rehabilitation Assistance-Mobilization in severe disabilities" in the courses held by the Consortium for Vocational Training of Forlì Cesena Tèchne from 1998 to date (31 hours per school year)

From 2016 to today he is a teacher for the training courses for Family Assistants organized by the Support for Care Work of the Asp of Cesena and in the Course "Qualifying the Care Work" organized by the Asp del Rubicone

Lecturer in the Specific Training Course in General Medicine 2014-2017 and subsequent for the execution of the seminar: "CAAD Organization".

Lecturer at the course "for Oss of Coop Cad" Review of handling techniques and use of aids for the well-being of the operator and guest "Cesena November 20, 29 and December 4, 2019 (9 hours overall)

Lecturer at the course for Oss Istituto Profess. “Iris Versari Macrelli” in sc. 2017/18 February-May 2018 (20 hours)

Teacher at the course for Oss of the "Management of high scrolling sheets: theoretical-practical lessons" at Casa Residenza for the Elderly Orsi Mangelli Vecchiazzano Forlì 1,3,10 March 2017

Lecturer at the Seminar on "Patient Handling" at the RSA "I Girasoli" in Predappio organized by Iscom Formazione Forli-Cesena. May 2016

Lecturer of the course on "Augmentative and Alternative Communication" organized by the Ulss of Legnago (VR) on 1 and 2 December 2016 (16 hours)

Teacher of the ECM Training Course "Emergency management and safety at work and related risks in the rehabilitation field" at the Cooperativa Arcade Cesena, 12 July 2013 (4 hours)

'Professor of the course “Devices and assistive aids. Use at the domicile organized by the Cesena Ausl, 3 and 10/10/2013 8 ECM credits

Patient Handling Teacher: aids how to know and use them correctly. Ausl Cesena. 8/11/06 ECM 4; 16/10/06 ECM 4; 9/10/06 ECM 4; 24/5/06 ECM 4; 15/5/06 ECM 4

Lecturer in load handling risk and training on prevention methods using correct techniques Ausl Cesena 28/11/05 and 1/12/05 ECM 6

Lecturer at the Master in Pediatric Rehabilitation at the U.S.L. City of Bologna, November 8-9 and December 13, 2002 1st edition (4 hours per day); 19 March-18 and 19 May 2004 2nd edition (4 hours each day)

Lecturer at the course "Respiratory physiotherapy as an intervention facilitating the clearing of the airways" Ravenna, 2 December 2004

Teacher at the training course for the staff of the T.I.N.. and of the Cesena Pediatrics, March-April 2003

Course teacher "Wheelchairs and posture systems" Tresigallo (Fe) 10 December 2002 (6 hours) 12 ECM

Lecturer of the Course "Topical Respiratory Physiotherapy" at the USL of Forlì November 2000 (4 hours)

Course teacher on respiratory physiotherapy of premature babies at the USL Bologna Nord 21 December 2000 (8 hours)

Respiratory Rehabilitation Course teacher at the Cesena Arcade Cooperative, April 1999

Teacher of the "ABC of Respiratory Physiotherapy" Course at the USL of Riccione 10 December 1998


Thesis supervisor "Handymatics experiences in the use of information technology to improve the quality of life of a disabled person" Academic Year 1999-2000

Thesis supervisor “Triride®, motorized propulsion unit; use and assessment in the quality of life using the WhOM scale, in frail subjects and users suffering from serious pathologies with limitations in the upper limbs "Academic Year 2019/20

Co-supervisor of thesis "Triride motorized propulsion unit: an innovative aid for individual mobility. Observational study of the impact on the quality of life performed by the triride, based on the evaluation scale whom" academic year 2018/19

Advisor of Diploma Thesis "Cystic Fibrosis - The retraining to effort" Academic Year 1996/97


COMPUTER SKILLS: word / excel / internet, intranet. e.mail [at basic level]

Pursuant to art. 15 co. 1 letter c) of Legislative Decree 33/2013 and in compliance with the provisions of the D.P.R. 445/2000, the undersigned COLOMBO MARCO_ born in ___PERUGIA on __6 / 11 / 64_ Declares that he does NOT carry out positions, that he DOES NOT hold private law positions regulated or financed by the public administration and that he DOES NOT carry out professional activities.


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