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Marco Cantonati

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/02 Systematic Botany


Saber A.A.; Cantonati M.; Vis M.L.; Anesi A.; Guella G., Multifaceted characterization of a Lemanea fluviatilis population (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta) from a glacial stream in the south-eastern Alps, «FOTTEA», 2016, 16, pp. 234 - 243 [Scientific article]

Mares J.; Cantonati M., Phylogenetic position of Geitleribactron purpureum (Synechococcales, cyanobacteria / cyanophyceae) and its implications for the taxonomy of Chamaesiphonaceae and Leptolyngbyaceae, «FOTTEA», 2016, 16, pp. 104 - 111 [Scientific article]

Letakova M.; Cantonati M.; Hasler P.; Nicola A.; Poulickova A., Substrate specificity and fine-scale distribution of epiphytic diatoms in a shallow tarn in the Brenta Dolomites (South-eastern Alps), «PLANT ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION», 2016, 149, pp. 144 - 156 [Scientific article]

Cantonati M.; Metzeltin D.; Soninkhishig N.; Lange-Bertalot H., Unusual occurrence of a Didymosphenia bloom in a lentic habitat: Observation of Didymosphenia laticollis blooming on the eastern shore of lake Hövsgöl (Mongolia), «PHYTOTAXA», 2016, 263, pp. 139 - 146 [Scientific article]

Spitale D.; Angeli N.; Lencioni V.; Tolotti M.; Cantonati M., Comparison between natural and impacted Alpine lakes six years after hydropower exploitation has ceased, «BIOLOGIA», 2015, 70, pp. 1597 - 1605 [Scientific article]

Cantonati M.; Komarek J.; Montejano G., Cyanobacteria in ambient springs, «BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION», 2015, 24, pp. 865 - 888 [Scientific article]

Mogna M.; Cantonati M.; Andreucci F.; Angeli N.; Berta G.; Miserere L., Diatom communities and vegetation of springs in the south-western Alps, «ACTA BOTANICA CROATICA», 2015, 74, pp. 265 - 285 [Scientific article]

Leira M.; Filippi M.L.; Cantonati M., Diatom community response to extreme water-level fluctuations in two Alpine lakes: a core case study, «JOURNAL OF PALEOLIMNOLOGY», 2015, 53, pp. 289 - 307 [Scientific article]

Juttner I.; Williams D.M.; Levkov Z.; Falasco E.; Battegazzor M.; Cantonati M.; Van De Vijver B.; Angele C.; Ector L., Reinvestigation of the type material for Odontidium hyemale (Roth) Kützing and related species, with description of four new species in the genus Odontidium (Fragilariaceae, Bacillariophyta), «PHYTOTAXA», 2015, 234, pp. 1 - 36 [Scientific article]

Cantonati M.; Angeli N.; Virtanen L.; Wojtal A.Z.; Gabrieli J.; Falasco E.; Lavoie I.; Morin S.; Marchetto A.; Fortin C.; Smirnova S., Achnanthidium minutissimum (Bacillariophyta) valve deformities as indicators of metal enrichment in diverse widely-distributed freshwater habitats, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2014, 475, pp. 201 - 215 [Scientific article]

Rosati M.; Cantonati M.; Primicerio R.; Rossetti G., Biogeography and relevant ecological drivers in spring habitats: A review on ostracods of the western palearctic, «INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF HYDROBIOLOGY», 2014, 99, pp. 409 - 424 [Scientific article]

Cantonati M.; Guella G.; Komarek J.; Spitale D., Depth distribution of epilithic cyanobacteria and pigments in a mountain lake characterized by marked water-level fluctuations, «FRESHWATER SCIENCE», 2014, 33, pp. 537 - 547 [Scientific article]

Cantonati M.; Lowe R.L., Lake benthic algae: Toward an understanding of their ecology, «FRESHWATER SCIENCE», 2014, 33, pp. 475 - 486 [Scientific article]

Cantonati M.; Komarek J.; Hernandez-Marine M.; Angeli N., New and poorly known coccoid species (Cyanoprokaryota) from the mid-depth and deep epilithon of a carbonate mountain lake, «FRESHWATER SCIENCE», 2014, 33, pp. 548 - 556 [Scientific article]

Mares J.; Cantonati M.; Guella G.; Spitale D., The benthic chlorophyte genus Jaoa (Ulvales), a putative China endemic, in Lake Garda, Italy: Ecology, taxonomy, and molecular analyses, «FRESHWATER SCIENCE», 2014, 33, pp. 593 - 605 [Scientific article]

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