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Marco Cantonati

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/02 Systematic Botany


Saber A.A.; El-belely E.F.; El-refaey A.A.; El-gamal A.D.; Blanco S.; Cantonati M., Seminavis aegyptiaca sp. Nov., a new amphoroid diatom species from estuary epilithon of the river–nile damietta branch, Egypt, «FOTTEA», 2020, 20, pp. 49 - 57 [Scientific article]

Ciugulea I.; Burroughs S.; Defrancesco C.; Spitale D.; Charles D.F.; Lange-Bertalot H.; Cantonati M., Adlafia neoniana (naviculaceae), a new diatom species from forest streams in Puerto Rico, «PLANT ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION», 2019, 152, pp. 378 - 384 [Scientific article]

Kamberovic J.; Plenkovic-Moraj A.; Borojevic K.K.; Udovic M.G.; Zutinic P.; Hafner D.; Cantonati M., Algal assemblages in springs of different lithologies (ophiolites vs. limestone) of the Konjuh Mountain (Bosnia and Herzegovina), «ACTA BOTANICA CROATICA», 2019, 78, pp. 66 - 81 [Scientific article]

Lai G.G.; Padedda B.M.; Wetzel C.E.; Cantonati M.; Sechi N.; Luglie A.; Ector L., Diatom assemblages from different substrates of the Casteldoria thermo-mineral spring (Northern Sardinia, Italy), «BOTANY LETTERS», 2019, 166, pp. 14 - 31 [Scientific article]

Lai G.G.; Burato S.; Padedda B.M.; Zorza R.; Pizzul E.; Delgado C.; Luglie A.; Cantonati M., Diatom biodiversity in Karst springs of Mediterranean geographic areas with contrasting characteristics: Islands vs Mainland, «WATER», 2019, 11, Article number: 2602 , pp. 1 - 21 [Scientific article]

Bolpagni R.; Poikane S.; Laini A.; Bagella S.; Bartoli M.; Cantonati M., Ecological and conservation value of small standing-water ecosystems: A systematic review of current knowledge and future challenges, «WATER», 2019, 11, Article number: 402 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]

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Cantonati M.; Angeli N.; Lange-Bertalot H., Three new fragilaria species (Bacillariophyta) from low-conductivity mountain freshwaters (alps and apennines), «PHYTOTAXA», 2019, 404, pp. 261 - 274 [Scientific article]

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Janse van Vuuren S.; Saber A.A.; Swanepoel A.; Cantonati M., Can the presence of curved forms of the diatom Aulacoseira ambigua in the Nile (Egypt) and Vaal (South Africa) Rivers be ascribed to similar water quality conditions?, «AFRICAN JOURNAL OF AQUATIC SCIENCES», 2018, 43, pp. 111 - 122 [Scientific article]

Niedrist G.H.; Cantonati M.; Fureder L., Environmental harshness mediates the quality of periphyton and chironomid body mass in alpine streams, «FRESHWATER SCIENCE», 2018, 37, pp. 519 - 533 [Scientific article]

Saber A.A.; Hamed S.M.; Abdel-Rahim E.F.M.; Cantonati M., Insecticidal prospects of algal and cyanobacterial extracts against the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis, «VIE ET MILIEU», 2018, 68, pp. 199 - 212 [Scientific article]

Saber A.A.; Ballot A.; Schneider S.C.; Cantonati M., Morphological and molecular features of a Chara vulgaris population from desert springs on the Sinai Peninsula (Springs of Moses, Egypt), «BOTANY LETTERS», 2018, 165, pp. 77 - 89 [Scientific article]

Saber A.A.; Fucikova K.; McManus H.A.; Guella G.; Cantonati M., Novel green algal isolates from the Egyptian hyper-arid desert oases: a polyphasic approach with a description of Pharao desertorum gen. et sp. nov. (Chlorophyceae, Chlorophyta), «JOURNAL OF PHYCOLOGY», 2018, 54, pp. 342 - 357 [Scientific article]

Saber A.A.; Mares J.; Guella G.; Anesi A.; Stenclova L.; Cantonati M., Polyphasic approach to a characteristic Ulva population from a limno–rheocrenic, mineral (Chloride, sodium, sulphate) spring in the Siwa Oasis (Western desert of Egypt), «FOTTEA», 2018, 18, pp. 227 - 242 [Scientific article]

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