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Maurizio Mazzoni

Associate Professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: VET/01 Veterinary Anatomy


Luise D.; Motta V.; Boudry C.; Salvarani C.; Correa F.; Mazzoni M.; Bosi P.; Trevisi P., The supplementation of a corn/barley-based diet with bacterial xylanase did not prevent diarrhoea of ETEC susceptible piglets, but favoured the persistence of Lactobacillus reuteri in the gut, «LIVESTOCK SCIENCE», 2020, 240, Article number: 104161 , pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]

Luise, Diana; Bertocchi, Micol; Motta, Vincenzo; Salvarani, Chiara; Bosi, Paolo; Luppi, Andrea; Fanelli, Flaminia; Mazzoni, Maurizio; Archetti, Ivonne; Maiorano, Giuseppe; Nielsen, Bea K. K.; Trevisi, Paolo, Bacillus sp. probiotic supplementation diminish the Escherichia coli F4ac infection in susceptible weaned pigs by influencing the intestinal immune response, intestinal microbiota and blood metabolomics, «JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY», 2019, 10, Article number: 74 , pp. 1 - 16 [Scientific article]Open Access

Zampiga, M; Tavaniello, S; Soglia, F; Petracci, M; Mazzoni, M; Maiorano, G; Meluzzi, A; Clavenzani, P; Sirri, F, Comparison of 2 commercial turkey hybrids: productivity, occurrence of breast myopathies, and meat quality properties, «POULTRY SCIENCE», 2019, 98, pp. 2305 - 2315 [Scientific article]Open Access

Trevisi, Paolo; Bertocchi, Micol; Luise, Diana; Mazzoni, Maurizio; Nanni Costa, Leonardo; Bosi, Paolo, Developing and testing a new feed block for the gut health and welfare of the weaning pig, «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE», 2019, 18, pp. 1117 - 1125 [Scientific article]Open Access

Soglia, Francesca; Mazzoni, Maurizio; Petracci, Massimiliano, Spotlight on avian pathology: current growth-related breast meat abnormalities in broilers, «AVIAN PATHOLOGY», 2019, 48, pp. 1 - 3 [Scientific article]

Mazzoni, M; Karunaratne, T B; Sirri, F; Petracci, M; De Giorgio, R; Sternini, C; Clavenzani, P, Enteroendocrine profile of α-transducin and α-gustducin immunoreactive cells in the chicken (Gallus domesticus) gastrointestinal tract, «POULTRY SCIENCE», 2018, 97, pp. 4063 - 4072 [Scientific article]

Baldi, G; Soglia, F; Mazzoni, M; Sirri, F; Canonico, L; Babini, E; Laghi, L; Cavani, C; Petracci, M, Implications of white striping and spaghetti meat abnormalities on meat quality and histological features in broilers, «ANIMAL», 2018, 12, pp. 164 - 173 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Giulia, Baldi; Francesca, Soglia; Maurizio, Mazzoni; Luca, Laghi; Samer, Mudalal; Claudio, Cavani; Massimiliano, Petracci, Post mortem acidification pattern in chicken breast and leg muscles, in: 5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FOODOMICS, 2018, pp. 48 - 48 (atti di: Foodomics - From data to knowledge, Cesena, 10-12/01/2018) [Abstract]

Rambaldi AM, Cozzi B, Grandis A, Canova M, Mazzoni M, Bombardi C, Distribution of Calretinin Immunoreactivity in the Lateral Nucleus of the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Amygdala., «THE ANATOMICAL RECORD», 2017, 300, pp. 2008 - 2016 [Scientific article]

Giancola, Fiorella; Torresan, Francesco; Repossi, R; Bianco, Francesca; Latorre, Rocco; Ioannou, A; Guarino, M; Volta, Umberto; Clavenzani, Paolo; Mazzoni, Maurizio; Chiocchetti, Roberto; Bazzoli, Franco; Travagli, Ra; Sternini, C; DE GIORGIO, Roberto, Downregulation of neuronal vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in Parkinson's disease and chronic constipation., «NEUROGASTROENTEROLOGY & MOTILITY», 2017, 29, Article number: e12995 , pp. 1 - 9 [Scientific article]Open Access

P. Trevisi;, R. Latorre; D. Priori; D. Luise; I. Archetti; M. Mazzoni; R. D’Inca; P. Bosi, Effect of feed supplementation with live yeast on the intestinal transcriptome profile of weaning pigs orally challenged with Escherichia coli F4, «ANIMAL», 2017, 11, pp. 33 - 44 [Scientific article]Open Access

Petracci, Massimiliano; Baldi, Giulia; Soglia, Francesca; Mazzoni, Maurizio; Sirri, Federico; Canonico, Luca; Babini, Elena; Cavani, Claudio., Effect of spaghetti-meat abnormality on quality and histological traits of broiler breast fillets, «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE», 2017, 16, pp. 83 - 83 [Abstract]Open Access

Luise, Diana; Motta, Vincenzo; Salvarani, Chiara; Chiappelli, Martina; Fusco, Luciano; Bertocchi, Micol; Mazzoni, Maurizio; Maiorano, Giuseppe; Costa, Leonardo Nanni; Van Milgen, Jaap; Bosi, Paolo; Trevisi, Paolo, Long-term administration of formic acid to weaners: Influence on intestinal microbiota, immunity parameters and growth performance, «ANIMAL FEED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY», 2017, 232, pp. 160 - 168 [Scientific article]

Soglia, Francesca; Gao, Jingxian; Mazzoni, Maurizio; Puolanne, Eero; Cavani, Claudio; Petracci, Massimiliano; Ertbjerg, Per, Superficial and deep changes of histology, texture and particle size distribution in broiler wooden breast muscle during refrigerated storage, «POULTRY SCIENCE», 2017, 96, pp. 3465 - 3472 [Scientific article]Open Access

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