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Matteo Cervellati

Full Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics

Head of Department of Economics


Keywords: Economic Development Endogenous Preferences Political Economy Political Institutions Political Economy Empirical Analysis

Discussion Papers and Work in Progress:

  • Trade Liberalization, Democratization and Technology Adoption (with A. Naghavi and F. Toubal) IZA DP 7132-2013.
  • Malaria Risk and Civil Violence: A Disaggregate Analysis for Africa (with E. Esposito, U. Sunde and S. Valmori) CEPR 11496 2016
  • Bite and Divide: Ancestral Exposure to Malaria and the Emergence and Persistence of Ethnic Diversity in Africa (with G. Chiovelli and E. Esposito), mimeo
  • Transition from Stagnation to Growth: Democratization and the Demographic Transition (with G. Meyerheim and U. Sunde), mimeo
  • Political Fragmentation and Local Fiscal Policies: Exploiting a New Instrument (with G. Gulino and P. Roberti) mimeo
  • On the Emergence and Economic Role of Religious Norms: A Simple Theory with an Empirical Application to the Protestant Reformation (with U. Sunde)
  • Religious Norms and Long Term Development: At Theory of Insurance, Human Capital and Technological Change (with M. Jansen and U. Sunde)

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