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Lucia Criscuolo

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of History and Cultures


Keywords: Economic systems Graeco-Roman East Greek inscriptions and papyri Graeco-Roman East Society Hellenistic history Greek History Administration Administration Administration Economic Systems Society

Criscuolo's main research field is history, institutions and epigraphical and papyrological documents of the Hellenistic period. In particular, she has devoted some publications to aspects of Ptolemaic administration, outside Egypt as well, in its relation with the Egyptians and as expression of the Greek government, particularly in the law level administration of villages. Some of the problems analysed, both administrative and economic, were risen from the edition of III and II century B.C. papyri. She has moreover dealt with historical and ideological problems on some Ptolemaic queens (Arsinoe II, Cleopatra VII). Criscuolo has published Ptolemaic papyri, Greek inscriptions from Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt, Greek inscriptions from Northern Italy, Greek stamped amphora handles. She has particularly studied the Greek and Latin epigrahical documentation from Thebe, Panopolis, Rhodes and Cyrene.  She has also made researches on aspects of the economy in kind and the 'monetisation' of Ptolemaic Egypt and on a monograph on gift-estates in Hellenistic kingdoms.

Now she coordinates an international research group on Greeks and the land.