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Luca Vantaggiato

Adjunct professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Department of History and Cultures

Curriculum vitae

I obtained my M.A. in Chinese studies in 2005 at Venice Ca'Foscari University. In 2005 I was granted a scholarship by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and had the possibility of  spending one year in  Wǔhàn University (Wǔhàn Dàxué - Wǔhàn, Húběi) where I conducted research on Warring States manuscripts. I obtained my Ph.D. at Venice Ca'Foscari University in 2011 and in 2010 I spent another year in China at Dalian University of Foreign Languages (Dàlián wàiguóyǔ xuéyuàn; Dàlián - Liáoníng) where I tought, both in Chinese and Italian, Italian languages.
Since 2014 I teach Chinese language at Forlì School of Foreing Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation.
I also work as court interpreter and conference interpreter for the Macerata Confucius Institue