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Luca Gasperini

Professore a contratto a titolo gratuito

Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali

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Software ChirCor, generation of synthetic seismograms and stratigraphic correlations

ChirCor, a program developed by Luca Gasperini of ISMAR, for managing physical-log data (P-wave velocity and density) and chirp-sonar seismograms, also equipped with a synthetic-trace generator, that could be used for correlating real seismograms to synthetics. The software, designed with a user-friendly ...

Software SeisPrho, processing and interpretation of seismic reflection profiles

SeisPrho is an interactive computer program for processing and interpreting high-resolution seismic reflection profiles developed using the Delphi/Kylix multiplatform programming environment. For this reason, it is available under Windows? and Linux? operating systems. The program allows the users to ...

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