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Luca Fadigati

Research fellow

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/08 Fluid Machinery


Fadigati L.; Rossi F.; Souhair N.; Ravaglioli V.; Ponti F., Development and simulation of a 3D printed liquid oxygen/liquid natural gas aerospike, «ACTA ASTRONAUTICA», 2024, 216, pp. 105 - 119 [Scientific article]Open Access

Ponti, Fabrizio; Mini, Stefano; Fadigati, Luca; Annovazzi, Adriano; Corti, Enrico; Moro, Davide, Theoretical Study on the Influence of Debondings on Solid Rocket Motor Performance, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGETIC MATERIALS AND CHEMICAL PROPULSION», 2022, 21, pp. 21 - 45 [Scientific article]

Ponti F.; Mini S.; Fadigati L.; Ravaglioli V.; Annovazzi A.; Garreffa V., Effects of inclusions on the performance of a solid rocket motor, «ACTA ASTRONAUTICA», 2021, 189, pp. 283 - 297 [Scientific article]

Fabrizio Ponti;Stefano Mini;Luca Fadigati;Adriano Annovazzi; Enrico Corti, Influence of Nozzle Radiation on Solid Rocket Motors Tail-Off Thrust, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGETIC MATERIALS AND CHEMICAL PROPULSION», 2021, 20, pp. 45 - 64 [Scientific article]

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