Foto del docente

Luca Ciotti


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Academic discipline: FIS/05 Astronomy and Astrophysics


Theoretical Astrophysics

STELLAR DYNAMICS: origin and intepretation of scaling laws of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, phase-space distribution functions and galaxy models, potential theory, tidal fields, dynamical constraints on the origin of early-type galaxies, central black holes,  Modified Newtonian Dynamics, N-body simulations.

FLUIDODYNAMICS & ACCRETION THEORY: gas flows in early-type galaxies (cooling flows and their variants), feedback from central black holes, hydrostatic equilibria, rotating baroclinic distributions for the extraplanar gas in disk galaxies, hydrodynamical simulations of astrophysical flows (even in presence of radiation fields).

  1. Dry and wet merging of elliptical galaxies
  2. Galaxy merging in MOND
  3. Density-potential pairs from the Holomorphic Coulomb field
  4. Dynamics of disk galaxies in MOND
  5. Quasars and radiative feedback from AGN: theory and numerical simulations
  6. Chemical evolution of galaxies with central AGN
  7. Theory of hydrostatic equilibria for ICM
  8. Dynamical friction in MOND
  9. Co-evolution of galaxies and central black holes
  10. Dynamical models of elliptical galaxies with dark matter
  11. Gravitational lenses and stellar dynamics
  12. Baroclinic models for the extra-planar gas in spiral galaxies