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Lorenzo Alibardi

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/06 Comparative Anatomy and Cytology

Curriculum vitae

Present position: Associate Prof, BIO6 Comparative Anatomy and Cytology, Dipartimento di Biologia evoluzionistica e sperimentale (now BIGEA), Università di Bologna, via Selmi 3, 40126, Bologna. Certified idoneity as Full Prof from 2014 in Bio06.

Date and place of birth: 3-8-1957, Padova, Italy.

Married with one son

Educational certificates:
1972-77. Agricultura technician, Padua, italy

1977-1984. Laurea degree in biol Sciences, University of Padova.

1985-1987. PhD program in Cell and Molecular Biology and Pathology, University of Padova.
1995. University researcher (Assistant prof), University of Bologna, Italy
2005. Associate prof. in Comparative Anatomy and Cytology, univ Bologna

2014: Certified qualification as Full Prof. in Bio06 (National Examination) NOT ACTIVATED by UNIBO

2020. Certified qualification as Full Prof. (Univ Ancona) NOT ACTIVATED by UNIBO

Stury_working experiences:
1980-1984 Laurea degree training, Univ of Padova, Italy
1985-1987: PhD training in Cell Molec Biol and Pathology, , Univ Padova
1987-95 various Fellowships/job positions at foreigner Universities  (University of Waikato, New Zealand, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, Univ. Melbourne and University of Sydney, Australia. University of the West Indies, Jamaica. University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA)
Visiting Scientist Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA; Sydney, Sydney, Australia: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA; University of Auckland, New Zealand; University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA, + others).
Member of scientific societies (New Zealand Herpetology, Australian Herpetology, UZI, GEI, NY SKIN society etc.)

Scientific collaborations: New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Germany and USA.

Experiences and known techniques: histology, microtomy and ultramicrotomy, TEM and SEM, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry (LM and TEM), in situ hybridization, cell culture, biochemical and electrophoretic analyses, perfusion and neurosurgery for tracer injections. Basic bioinformatics skills.

Research topics: tissue and organ regeneration in reptiles and amphibians; SC regeneration in lower vertebrates; Neurocytology of the rodent auditory system; embryology, morphology, biochemistry and molecular biology of vertebrates skin, mainly reptiles and birds; immunology and molecular biology of organ regeneration in reptiles.

some findings: discovery of CSFCNs regeneration in reptiles and amphibians; identification of commissural acoustic neurons in rodent cochlear nuclei;first ever sequencing of genes and proteins of the Corneous beta protein family, formerly known as beta-keratins. Development of the skin and discovery of HRP proteins in reptiles and amphibians; change of the concept of keratinization vs cornification in vertebrates epidermis and skin derivatives; first sequence of antimicrobial peptides in lizards and turtles; identification of key genes orchestrating organ regeneration-tail vs limb scarring- in lizards; new biological theory on the evolution of regeneration in vertebrates.

Referee in numerous (>60) Journals including J. Morphol, J Anat, Anat Rec, J exp Zool, Nature, PNAS, Science, etc.

Committe board: Zoology (Germany), Henry J Cytology and Histology (New Zealand), Journal of Development (Switzerland).

Thesis and Project examinator in Italy and abroad (univ Sydney, USA, 
Valutatore di Tesi e Progetti di ricerca stranieri (Univ Sydney, Macquaire Univ, Univ Adelaide, USA) and Italians (Theses and Res Doctorates, Univ Padova and Bologna).

Teaching: Comparative anatomy of Vertebrates; Comparative Histology and Embryology of vertebrates.

Scholar/Fellowships (international for USA, New Zealand and Australia. Position as Lecturerin Electron Microscopy, Univ West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica. Post-doc research, UCONN, USA.

Grants: Public and Privates. Largely Self-supported research.

1994 "Marcus Singer Club Medal Award" for studies on reptilian and amphibian regeneration, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA.
1999.  "Borsa Ghigi Awards", Accademia delle Scienze di Bologna, Italy,"comparative research on reptilian skin".

2017. Immunotools Special antibody Award, Germany

2019. Recognized as an Expertscape World Expert in Reptiles at, on the skin, on keratins and other corneous proteins (, on auditory nuclei of CN, on reptilian and amphibians organ regeneration etc.

Seminars: numerous abroad (USA, NZ, Australia, Europe, Jamaica, Taiwan etc.)

Pubblications: about 410 (including a book indicated among the 26 best in the world in Cell Biology: Morphological and Cellular Aspects of Tail and Limb Regeneration in Lizards A Model System With Implications for Tissue Regeneration in Mammals, SPRINGER Lorenzo Alibardi, 2010):

26 Best-Selling Cell Biology Books of All Time As featured on CNN, Forbes and Inc – BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment.

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Citations: 8245

H-Index: 45

i-10 index: 243